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I haven't even STARTED Black Desert Online,I am still trying to create my character.I'll never get my thoughts on BDO out at this rate..FML.


Just picked up Megadimensions Neptunia VII,adding that to my collection of the Neptunia series ( -minus the Vita remakes and games),and as always,Nep Nep be Neppin my heart. - Also seem to be having troubles with Dtoid postings.If I post twice,sorry!


Playing Black Desert Online right now,will have my thoughts on it on hopefully by tomorrow night if not Sunday in a blog.Alot of Moelarkey will be involved,huehuehue.




When your game freezes when your having an awesome run and you didn't save....


I totally forgot to post that I just recently joined Dtoid.I've been lurking in the waters for sometime now,but ever since I saw the amiibo butt plug blog,I had to join,because I think the people here are just as weird as me.Cheers to Dtoid,and hello.


A message to all your waifu's,even your special secret ones.Don't think I don't know.Hold that picture tightly,it won't even matter!Because this is all they are...


Is it just me,or is nothing better than a cup of coffee to start your day.French Roast,with Cinnabon creamer and abit of milk,1 spoon of sugar,I feel like I can do anything with such a good feeling.Anything...


Trying to decide whether I have the strength to watch all 700+ episodes of One Piece...yeesh.


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