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Moe's Top 5 Game Waifu's of the Month!


Ahem!'Ello Ello!And welcome to a weird blog that has everything to do with all your worldly desires - That do not exist in the real world!

It's the end of the month,and its time for me to list off my current favorite gaming waifu;s of February!Why did I decide to make this kind of blog?Well...just cause.Oh well.This list is primarily for me to look back on and say "Yeahhh.I got waifu."Don't worry though,I'll keep this short!

So let's get started shall we!


With the release of the newest entry into the Hyperdimension Neptunia series,I chose Neptune because she is full of charisma,silliness,and puns.Her wittiness with ridiculous comebacks and playing dumb just adds on to the moe factor.Her transformation also just adds the coolness factor to!When I look back on the first entry to the series,I knew from the start she was going to "Nep" at my heart.And so she did.For now!And if your not down with that,I got two words for ya'!NEP-NEP!


  Now that Bayonetta has entered the Smash ring,she continues to rise ever so high in popularity!She has been a many a fan favorite since the beginning of her hack and slash style game entry,with fluid combo systems and amazing gameplay,it's hard to see why she wouldn't make this list!I mean,shes got legs for days one might say!


 With the return of R. Mika in the latest street fighter entry,everybody has been going alittle crazy with the whole censoring fiasco.And lately,the anger of the gaming community seems to have settled abit now,but the previous reason was due to multiple censorship's of games a many!Well it's good to see that the internet has a voice,and Mika has a butt.Cause booty matters.#savethebooty.

WAIFU #2 : JACK - O 

I didn't see it coming...Okay I did!I've been paying attention to this characters announcement very closely!I am very excited for this character actually!The next updated Guilty Gear game is to future her as a playable character,and with an interesting design,and from the looks,combo's,it will be interesting to see her in action!I want to see her backstory as well!And for the love of god,SHE'S ADORABLE!


LET'S BE HONEST,WE ALL SAW THIS COMING!WHAT?!YOU DIDN'T!WELL....YEAH!Camilla made number 1 list on mine,and probably many others!With her entry into the latest game in the Fire Emblem series,everyones loyalty to Nohr  should be hard as steel!Her kindness and caring nature shines,and with her humor,what's not to like!Even better...skinship.'Nuff said....Goddamit Camilla.CCCAAAMMILLLAAA!!!!!!


So that's that!As far as the list goes,the characters are all part of great games!Well some....Other than that if you have a waifu you'd like to be included in next month's Waifu of the Month,let me know in the comments and I'll look into them!Not too deeply of course!So I hope you enjoyed the read,and you have yourself a nice day!Also....SSKKIINNNNNNSHHHIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

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