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God next weekend is going to be good. 3 day work week, 4 day vacation.


Didn't realize Inscryption was out on Playstation so I picked that up. Watched an LP of it a while ago so I forgot a lot of details, but ah what a treat. Needed this after a busy week.


Yep that is def Ippei Gyoubu on Synduality for mechanical design. Don't know how well they'll translate to 3D, but that's def him and I'll gladly buy an artbook Bandai.


This is a cute idea for a trailer, using the models to recreate iconic scenes and have them side-by-side.


The fun part of Street Fighter 6 in just showing the launch roster now is you can compare it to the leak to immediately find out who is season 1 dlc baby.


Yeah I am perfectly content with series and characters chosen for DLC. My triangle sons being in the last DLC like I thought is all I wanted/expected anyways.


And the slipspace engine lead is now out at 343 as well. This is going to be interesting.


Bandai I am once again begging you for a G-Self MG. I do not give a shit if it's vanilla G-self, one of its variant packs, or Perfect Pack, I will literally break my kit buying hiatus for it.


I will take all three of those Yakuza games yes please.


Also shout out to not just Sony and Nintendo for both having good streams today, but also for zero overlap between the two. Super appreciate that.


So this has mechanical designers from Gundam on it, and it’s getting an anime. This is gonna be Bandai’s new IP they never shut up about but don’t give a sequel to baby.


That was a good direct all things considered. Well at least for me lol


Nintendo today to people expecting Zelda and Metroid Prime remasters to be in the direct


I got ticket's to Doan's Island. Here we goooo


Boxart be out, and the 17th is when it'll start popping up on store shelves. It's so cloooooooooooooooose.


Real gambling let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


It's getting Canadian showings aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


This fucker got into Gundam Evolution (which comes out this month on PC, Nov for consoles) and I honestly could not be happier.


I have never closed a gunpla manual faster due to ‘I’m not in the mood for this’ than Gundam Nadleeh/Virtue’s lmao.


People glitched into the splitscreen campaign for Halo Infinite on the original Xbox one and it SEEMS to be running fairly well. So hooray the clown fiesta never ends.


Holy shit Mario Kart Tour's getting rid of the gacha portion?


Thinking about the fact that once Gaogaigar, goldymarg and the Mk-V kits are in, I probably won't be buying kits again for another year or two. Tooo much in the backlog and space concerns haha


Happily playing through Battle Alliance last night. Been a fun game so far as a Gundam fan, granted I do have some gripes with it. The writing is firing on all cylinders I will say though.


Bandai's apparently reissuing the Hildolfr kit from the EX model line and I'm half tempted to get it. I'm curious what that line is like since it's not meant to be beginner friendly like the HG line.


Ah my region shenanigans for the Battle Alliance demo backfired on me, and the save wasn't compatible with the full game. Oh well, already powered through 4 of the 5 missions that were in the demo


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