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New Beginning

Hello Destructoid! �My name is Guillermo Magana, but most people know me by Memo. � This is my absolute first blog post, and I am curious and scared to see how it is received. �Just like the majority of Destructoid readers and editors, I enjoy games as my primary hobby! �My favorite genres are FPS, 2D side scrolling, and platformers. �The Halo franchise holds a special little place in my heart for being games that immersed me in more than one fashion. �Super Mario 64 was my very first 3D game, and Metal Slug 4 is my favorite in the Metal Slug franchise for��. I don�t know why, it just is. �This being said, I still argue to this day that the Nintendo Gamecube is the greatest system of all time. � Boasting games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Super Mario Sunshine, Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, F-Zero: GX, and The Megaman Collection makes it a serious contender in my eyes.

I am concurrently working a full-time job while attending college for a Marketing degree. �Last summer was when I realized that anything was truly possible. �For those that don�t know, IGN has a Playstation podcast by the name of �Podcast Beyond!� . �As a treat for fans , they held the event live in their building. While attending this event, I met up with friends that I now stay in contact with on a regular basis, even though we live in different parts of the U.S! �I have received help left and right from these guys, and am thankful for it. Had it not been for the love of video games, we would have never met.

Outside of video games, i enjoy weight lifting and playing ice hockey.� Watch the San Diego Chargers and Anaheim Ducks with me and you are a friend for life.� Reading is another passion of mine, and Larry Nivens is the reason why.

My dream job would be� a marketing role in the gaming industry, and by starting this blog I hope to gain critical skills, meet new people, and most of all enjoy the ride to that position! �Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave or message any constructive feedback!
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