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Spider-Man 3: Why I Still Hate It

I actually wrote this review many moons ago for X360R, BUT... because I just saw my youngest cousin playing through it again, I figured it was time to remind the world just exactly why I hate this giant, steaming turd. ------------------...


G4 Fails at E3

There really is no two ways to say it -- G4 flat out fails at covering the new E3. I, because of some travel issues at home, was forced to watch the Microsoft Press Conference from the comfort of my own couch. I had the 1UP stream on the PC...


Sony Sold Me

I have been a Microsoft fanboy since day one of the Xbox 360's life cycle. When the PS3 came out, I was amongst the first to professionally and personally attack the console for it's many failings that, to this day, are apparent to all but ...


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My name is James. By day I am a freelance copywriter and editor. While the perks of this job are getting to sleep 'til 2pm and working in my underwear, I've learned far more about hemorrhoid cream and proper swimming pool chlorination than I ever care to.

I guess you could say I'm a "former" video game "journalist" (though I wouldn't call myself the J word). I am the former Editor-in-Chief of Binge Gamer and I spent time writing at other blogs. I gave it up because while I love gaming and the gaming industry, I just didn't have the constitution to run my own business.

Not at the age of 23, anyways.

Let's see... apart from that I'm prior service US Army (Military Police), a stand-up comedian, a connoisseur of soft drinks and I once wrestled a cheetah.

I was victorious.