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How NOT To Cool your Xbox 360.. dumbass kid...

Some fourteen year-old kid North Carolina nearly kiled himself trying to cool off his Xbox 360.

According to the dipshit's mom, the Xbox 360 would keep shutting off after being on for about five minutes. Finally, the child went online and found a possible solution for remedying this by cooling off the power supply. Here's the account of events from his ma:

�I saw him put the cord on top of a box in the living room�, said the boy�s mother. �When I left to go next door he was playing a game but when I got back he was laying on his back on the floor and unconscious�.

So how exactly did the child go from playing Madden 08 to being KOed on the floor?

Of course the little shit-for-brains wasn't seriously harmed. I'm not a prick to the point where I would make fun of a dead child, after all. By the time the paramedics arrived at the scene, the kid was awake and talking. He was taken to the local clinic in Transylvania County (No joke) to be treated for minor burns.

[Fun Tech Talk]
The Story with all the purdy pictures

Edited to make it less professional
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