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Have you ever divorced a game from its creator?


AHAHAHA. What a great choice of words. _(:3 」∠)_

With Red Dead Redemption 2 out in the wild and getting people all rooty and tooty, there's still a tangible cloud of doubt about the game. Asides from the usual people who don't like open-world games and think an uncontrolled sandbox is a bunch of hoohaa, there's also the issue of what Rockstar did to get this game out.

For several weeks I've been shouting 100 hour work weeks in order to satirically poke fun and reference RDR2. Sorry, can't make it to the party, 100 hour work week. Sorry, can't write anything today, 100 hour work week. Some peoplesay that's the nature of game development but obviously it seems a tad inhuman and brutal for that to always be the case at the company where you work and expect some basic human rest.

A lot of people like RDR2. A lot of people don't see the appeal. Still more don't want to give money to the Houser Brothers are are likely going to take the wild west heist of profits for themselves while the rest of Rockstar will be worried if their name will show up on the credits. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid would be proud of these rootinest, tootinest outlaws to walk the Southern Californian sun.

For today question, I was wondering if and when you've ever divorced a game from its creators. The anime industry had a very similar thing earlier this year, when the mangaka for Ruroni Kenshin was convicted for possession of child porn and oh boy can you still read a manga about a samurai in the Meiji era if you know the person responsible for it is a charged pedophile? Fez was a game beloved by all but Phil Fish jumped into the deep end of eccentricities when it was burning hot and kind of tainted any game he touched.

The Ruroni Kenshin thing kind of soured me on reading any more of its ongoing manga and it was even put on hiatus last time I checked because of course it was.

- Show me your moves

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