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So Monster Hunter...

This is my thinly veiled attempt at productivity on the sire as my compulsion tugs at me to farm Teostra for horns and hopefully, gems. I mean, a lot of stuff I want needs Teo stuff, not to mention Anjanath simply refuses to give me h...


Records of D&Dtoid: #1 the auction house

Greetings Dtoiders, and welcome to this recap of this past week's D&Dtoid, now located on Communicord's #tabletop_rpgs. The channel name was repurposed to reinforce that it is for any and all tabletop rpgs, not just Dungeons &...


D&Dtoid Handbook: Player and DM Compendium

Greeting fellow adventurers and tabletop players! This past month, I've been soaking in a lot of role-playing games content the likes of HarmonQuest and Dragons in Places. This new digital age has brought a lot of different kinds of s...


Thank you, from one unicorn to another

When I signed up for Destructoid so many years ago, I was just trying to build a portfolio. My first cblog was a topical reflection on Netflix's price hike I thought I would just integrate myself as casual user and enjoy my time by an...


What are some of your favorite aesthetics?

Around two weeks ago, I got Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. I like the gameplay, I like the active tags, I like the new combos to discover, but everytime I see some of the terrible textures at play (like Captain America), I just groan. My...


I want one of these weapons in Nioh's last DLC

Nioh's Defiant Honor DLC release this past week and brought alongside it the new tonfa weapon type. When Dragon of the North released a few months ago, I was mostly underwhelmed by the design of the odachi as a whole. On the surface i...


Are you excited for Splatoon 2?

You didn't think we wouldn't go without a new topic of discourse did you? Well, not that EVO is over, we can proceed to truly important things. I can hardly believe it's been three years since the announcement trailer dropped, showing...


We want some pitches for a community podcast

Once before, there were a lot of community podcasts here on Destructoid. In fact, PStoid is still here! But there was also Lower Tier Podcast, I produced The Dtoid Fapcast, and then there was my personal favorite, Secret Moon Base! I ...


How are you liking ARMS?

Every time I look at ARMS, I can't help but think of the next Splatoon, and I mean that in a sense of a successor, not the fact that Splatoon 2 is on the horizon. The world is colorful and strangely developed in terms of context and w...


Halfway through, what's your GOTY?

June is almost over, the sixth month of our calendar. You know what that means? 6 multiplied by 2 is 12! Math tells us 6 is half of 12 and that 6 is most commonly accepted number of polygamy. We're halfway through this year! And what ...


Gimme your E3 report cards dammit

Look, E3 was busy, we can all agree. That was the week I picked up 3 extra shifts because I needed the work. Mario Odyssey cleaned up, and father's day weekend was around the corner after E3. Point is, every time a report card went up...


Is the community excited for Nier: Automata?

Nier: Automata is actually kind of a special game to me, despite no attachment to the Nier series. The announcement of Nier: Automata, being developed by Platinum Games and being exclusive to PS4, was what initially sold me on siding ...


We want to know what you think of Nioh so far

So let's get this out of the way: I fucking love Nioh. I've never gone from zero interest to pre-order so fast in my life. And this is significant because I've never been into From Software's brand of Souls and Bloodbornes. But Nioh's...


You asked me anything, I answered everything

Let's face it: we all react to the holidays differently. The holidays for me are hard since I work in retail, and this time around I've been having a tough time trying to bring content back to you guys in between retail work, extra wo...


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