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Now that I’ve made it to Shadowbringers and understanding more and more of smaller topics like crafting, does anyone using a crossworld linkshell on Dtoid?


Made any good pulls in Genshin Impact Dtoid? I got Venti the day before his banner ended.


Wow this game looks nice sometimes


Hey Dtoid, I started FFXIV as a conjurer. What do you guys play as mainly? My character is a lalafell named Gimmy Pepper


Has anyone ever bought 3rd party Ring Fit Adventure rings? I’m ok downloading the game but want to make sure I get a good exercise ring.


How I’m destressing after work and news


It’s been a rough week but hopefully you guys are doing alright


GUILTYGEAR%20 is telling beta players to use social distancing I can’t even anymore


The Guilty Gear Strive beta was a goddamn mess that shakes even the faith instilled after the rollback netcode promise.


Man, happy birthday Admiral. I still remember meeting in that bar in San Fran. I also remember walking around unfamiliar parts of San Fran buzzed and uncomfortable amount.


So I got a wireless keyboard because I got sick of relying on my old ass, janky laptop to type and this is being typed from a brand new, backlit, wireless one on my iPad. Maybe I should just reformat the damn lappie at this point, it takes 15 minutes boot


I can't believe much harder it used to be to send simple mail to friends, now I can shit post people's Animal Crossing towns.


Raging Brachydios' final showdown mode is a terrifying, butt-clenched ride.


My head canon is that my New Leaf character jumped at the chance to start fresh on a deserted island package after breaking up.


I printed writing samples for an interview only to get rescheduled, fine. I’ll just rest my goddamn feet on this day I took off and practice more Siege.


I just realized playing Siege means putting on a mic to do callouts, this is the worst idea I’ve had since buying Street Fighter V.


Siege is just fighting games with guns, peeking is footsies and dragon punches are gadgets.


I only care about two things on starting Siege: leaning and who’s the hottest


I still can't believe Nioh 2 is releasing MArch 13, ahead of the big March 20 comfy hell drop.


Any madmen like me who downloaded an import copy of Granblue Fantasy Versus?


There’s a “can it migrate?” filter on Pokémon Home.


Granblue Fantasy Versus is such a fascinating fighting game as someone who never tried Rising Thunder


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