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Gaming's Genre Terminology is Pretty Weak

Anybody who’s been alive for more than ten minutes will probably have noticed that people argue a lot. A further ten minutes of functional cognition will reveal that a huge number of these arguments aren’t really arguments at all- they�...


Gravity Rush: A Review/Retrospective

I recently played through Gravity Rush for the first time. The game has been shockingly topical lately for what feels like such a niche product, with the remaster and the sequel both being in the (semi-) popular conscience.  The fact...


Player Agency and the Joys of a Lose-Lose Scenario

So, once again, that thing happened with the calendar. It’s reliable like that, French Revolution notwithstanding. This means that, for a week or so, I abandoned the ersatz Valley of Defilement that I call a home and visited my family. ...


Narrative: How Horror is Leading the Way

First things first, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for everybody who read and/or commented on my last post. I enjoy monologuing as much as the next pseudononymous internet commenter, but there is a singular satisfaction in havi...


High Difficulty: Making Things Interesting

Most games offer modular difficulty in some form or another. As a general rule, this is a good thing- lower difficulty settings allow players who are either unable to meet a game’s demands in terms of dexterity and understanding of its sy...


The Manipulative Genius of Call of Duty

So, the Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed some success over the years. It's one of those rare entities that, despite being a full-price game requiring dedicated hardware, nonetheless has cultural gravitas...


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