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HOT TAKE TIME: Dragon Age, as a franchise, sucks ass. It has one decent game (Origins), a game I beat back in 2014 over 21 hours and barely remember. Whatever BioWare thinks they can resurrect should be aborted in favor of something more interesting


Hellraiser 2022 wasn't good, 4/10. Overstayed it's welcome by a LONG while and the body horror was extremely rare until the very end. Didn't like any of the characters nor the story; gore was limiting. Cenobites always in the dark. Wasted potential IMO


MW2's terrible campaign has inspired me to continue playing older shooters, and good lord Black Mesa (the Half-Life 1 remake) is fucking amazing. An old school lowkey horror shooter that feels and looks great. How did I miss Half-Life growing up


Finished another indie PSX horror game, this time it wasn't a walking simulator but a sit-still-and-press-buttons simulator: Iron Lung! TL;DR: I didn't like it at all beyond the concept. The payoff was atrocious. Steam review down below


The Closing Shift | 閉店事件 is another great, cheap PSX/VHS horror game that's been taking the Internet by storm lately--I think they do a bit better work than Puppet Combo, but no disparaging here. Also, Fatal Frame 5 has some neat... mechanics!


I don't do this often anymore, but I'm in the mood for some scary indie games and decided, hey, why not pop on the stream while everyone else is out doing candy things. Playing some shite over here: https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


Darkness 1 (PS3) finished, and goddamn what a game. AA all the way with janky gameplay but top-notch voice acting, atmosphere, and story. Honestly, gameplay was still extremely fun and a great power fantasy! I might like this one better than 2 by a hair


The Darkness 1 is seriously good stuff. Atmosphere and tone is way, heh, darker and the performances are great, lots of grit and edge. Almost an RPG with the open-ended nature of travel and progression. Hella fucking jank, too. This is my kinda game


babe wake up, new favorite angel design dropped


Chainsaw Man's latest ep was just as good as the others, and it will only keep getting better. Still so bitter we only get 12 episodes. Also latest Gundam ep was very good, quickly becoming a season favorite!


Congrats to one of my favorite recent IPs!


Hate to sound like I'm parroting film snobs, but The Exorcist (1973) is really proving that it's still one of the scariest movies ever made. The hospital scene made me feel genuinely ill and anxious. Performances of every character was so fucking good


Decided to play Darkness 2 on a whim, and hoo boy I forgot how fucking good this game is. Snappy gameplay, fun powers, gorey as fuck, and all wrapped in a great comic book presentation


My classic horror movie trainings continues with Halloween (1978) and Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Can't say I really like Slashers, so Halloween is so far the more entertaining franchise to me. Friday the 13th has also been decent. 80s were weird, man


That's a wrap on Cyberpunk. Fully 100% completed (AFAIK, minus build-specific achievements) and took the ending I think suited my V best. Complete 180 on this experience, and I hate to see it go. 9.5/10 - Goes in my top 10. Gotta try this Witcher game now


I'm so giddy about the Digimon news--I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon, but it's still so niche despite having extremely passionate fans. Next Order is real fun but still VERY MUCH a Digimon World game--I had a blast beating it last year!




In other, brighter news: I reached 80 in Wrath Classic and have slowed down quite a bit, after re-trying FFXII on Switch it's clicking with me a lot more. What incredible world building and voice acting. Also love the combat feeling like an old MMO


Found perhaps the most interesting opinion on the Bayonetta situation--I still think Platinum is on a downward spiral unless Babylon's Fall was a fluke, but also fuck Hellena Talor. Still deserves respectable pay for her work, but Trans Lives Matter bitch


Constantly impressed by Witch from Mercury’s production values from the subtle movements to the voice acting. Goddamn I love this show, probably my favorite original of the season. Chainsaw Man is an obvious favorite, but Gundam has no bad CG so far


I thank Platinum for confirming there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, and that even the most beloved company sucks ass. Blizzard is the most popular example, but Platinum I think is taking the wheel as of late.


New fig who di--oh it's Gojo


I've never been more disgusted with Razer than I am today: BOTH wired and wireless headsets stopped working, and my wireless mouse DCs every other day. Any good recommendation for affordable, wireless headsets? Maybe Naga-related mice?


Cyberpunk 2077 features a filly rigged and choreographed concert where the instruments are perfectly aligned with the proper notes and beats and I could not be more in love


I'm genuinely sad about the VO change for Bayonetta. The original performance was iconic and lived rent free in my head since the first game. New actor does a good job for sure, but it's like when they changed Snake's voice--it just doesn't hit the same


For those that also play Valorant, new agent is looking sick and should drop next week! Controller is my go-to role, and his kit looks out-fucking-standing




The new MSG: Witch from Mercury started off with a phenomenal bang. Loved it more than I anticipated. This anime season is starting off stronger than I can remember, I’m adding this to my weekly roster with ease!


Chainsaw Man started off as gorgeous as I expected it to given Mappa, but my first (non-spoiler!) complaint already crept up: Chainsaw Man himself is CG. I understand why given his design, and everything else is stupidly gorgeous, so it's fine. FUCK YESSS


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