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Currently my foray into Vana'diel (FFXI) is... underwhelming. But not bad! It's very much an updated 2003 experience, but I can see where the seeds of FFXIV began. Honestly, I can see myself playing this for some time for the story and vibe. It nice!


The Creator Clash fucking ruled, got way too drunk and yelled a lot with my friends and all my favorite people lost. What an amazing experience, and all for charity


Aaaaand that's my Alien Isolation run. I encountered the "rare" Chapter 4 softlock bug, restarted the whole chapter only for it to crash, and the human AI is so bugged I thought I was playing a beta. All this wonderful atmosphere and fidelity for naught


Watched The French Dispatch today and it was good! I expected as much given it's Wes Anderson, but I can see some of the complaints--maybe TOO stylized, no real central thread, and so quick as to be disorienting. But the experience was very fun


The Rise of Kyoshi is so far very, very good. Just reached the 1/3 point and the dramatic turn it took makes me feel like Avatar is growing up with me--it's a lot darker in many respects. Why isn't THIS being considered for a Netflix series??


This is gonna sound weird, but I checked out the Slime Isekai mobile game and have never watched it--it's kinda cool! I like the design and concept, despite being another isekai. Is the anime actually worth a watch?


First impression of Genshin: It's very pretty. Like, on PC and my iPad I'm surprised at not only how well it runs, but the animations, the presentation, everything. Already see the mobile garbage like log ins, primogems, etc., but so far it's nice


Dr. Strange was very good! It had a lot more Raimi DNA than I expected, which made it a blast. Little confused on the details since I don't consume all MCU media, but well worth a watch. It was even pretty graphic in... Well, you'll see. MCU is on a roll!


Now being a pretty big fan of the Alien universe (without watching any of the less-well-received sequels yet), I just want to be in this world a little more. Luckily I have Alien Isolation! This is a perfect recreation of the ship and it's blowing my mind


That's Aliens (1986) finished! What an incredible ride, a perfect sequel. Now I fully understand the inspiration other sci-fi series have pulled from it, it's really goddamn good. Last fight is a little goofy and it's a tad too long, but better than Alien


And that's Alien (1979) finished. This movie looks far better than it has any right to, and it's as good as people say. It was slower than I thought and barely had any gore, but it was effective and fascinating. I love Ridley. Makes me excited for Aliens


Alright fine. None of the mobile games I've tried is scratching any kind of itch. I fucking download fucking Genshin Impact OKAY


I've been watching a LOT of shows and movies on my iPad during work, mostly old stuff like Scream 1/2, Evil Dead 1-3, Young Frankenstein, etc. I have some thoughts below in the comments, and I'll start posting daily little blurbs starting tomorrow!


Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate seems to be getting good reviews, and I only found out about it recently--a WH40k turn based XCOM-ish game?? yes please! The Gears one was also really good, more studious should allow their IP to have strategy games


Moon Knight finale was pretty good! It got a bit Marvel-y with the villain, but as expected, there was a great twist at the end that left me excited for more (whenever that is). This is probably my overall favorite Marvel product to date next to Shang-Chi


Blizzard mobile game was whack, but what did anyone expect? I mean, it looks like a fun toilet shitter game but mobile games are mobile games. I can't believe they hyped up an event for that, do they never want to recover their reputation or what??


Now that Squeenix has finally offloaded their fantastic non-Final Fantasy studios, including the fantastic Eidos Montreal, can we finally get a proper sequel for Deus Ex? The past 2 games rank as some of my favorites Of All Time and SOLD WELL SQUARE


Square's on some funny shit, having a Golden Week sale on PC and only discounting the Kingdom Hearts games, but not FFVII Remake nor Stranger of Paradise. I see you Square, and I ain't bitin


MY COMPUTER LIIIIIIIIVES! I can't believe my PSU was delivered right before the weekend, what a stroke of luck for once!


Started Moon Knight today, so far pretty good! Oscar Isaac is a treat on screen, as always, and the character is pretty unique for as superhero. I dig it!


I recently got the newest iPad Air, and I gotta say, mobile gaming ain't seeming so bad. I get a nice big screen, I can hook up my controller, and it's very speedy. I love this thing. Also, the FF7 BR SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS


I just picked up a set of golden claws in DQ3 and as punishment the game threw random encounter at me every single step until I left the dungeon. Took about 2 hours, after a party wipe. This game rules


This DQ3 game goes HARD. Literally, this game is pretty fucking tough—but fun! Also, the MC can be a girl but they don’t make her sexy?? Was DQ3 always this progressive?? Bonus points for blue and yellow. So far very enjoyable during my PC-less period


A sign of the times: my computer is going kapoot 😭 It randomly froze, and then it wouldn’t turn back on, only the LEDs on the RAM and motherboard would light up. The GPU seemed hot, but after some research, I think it’s the PSU. Let’s hope that


Update on DQX: Unless I'm missing something, the only "translation" is using some sort of live-translating Google program, not an actual patched translation. Which means some things get missed, and it's not even localized. Never mind I suppose (︶︹︺)


Apparently there is a somewhat new DQX English patch for both menus and dialogue! Also, you can now download DQX straight from the website without a VPN! Gonna be giving this a shot during work today ╰(▔∀▔)╯


The lack of Digimon news on Dtoid is deeply disappointing. Move over Xenoblade, Digimon Survive is coming!!


New WoW expansion Dragonflight seems fine. I like a lot of the changes they’re proposing, including GW2-esque mount skills, strategic skill charging, and the new dragon race/class. The cinematic kinda sucked tho, seemed more like an intro movie


I have such a morbid curiosity about WoW’s expansion announcement later today… it has been on such a shit streak for 4-6 years I’m wondering how it can recover in any noticeable way, especially with the current MMO market kicking its ass. We’ll kn


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