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Edgerunners is a borderline masterpiece. Not a single frame wasted, not a character I didn't love, not a tune out of place. Loved every minute and more. Oh, and watch the dub! Makes it a hard R, and the VO work (esp. Faraday) is top notch! Round 2 ASAP


Upon replaying CP2077, what strikes me the most is the production value. Not just graphics, but subtle emotion in a character's face, the immediate physical reaction to dialogue, detailed and unique characters, etc. It really is a sight to behold


Just saw someone reference Lord of the Rings (the books) as Young Adult cuz it's well-known. Shutting down for the rest of the day


Edgerunners might one of the best looking animes I’ve ever seen, hooo leeee sheeeeit. Not a single frame wasted. Probably Trigger’s best work for my money


I didn't realize that Rise of the Ronin was another Team Ninja affair, and goddamn my hype is through the roof. They haven't missed in a few years now, and this is so up my alley I'm already writing them for a day-one PC verison


Yakuza Isshin being remade? Remastered? Ported? Was a legit surprise moment for me during the PlayStation stream, I was nearly shouting from the couch! I hope to god it comes to PC, but if not… well… looks like I’m PS5 hunting


I dunno if it’s just my machine or the updates have really helped, but Cyberpunk runs like a dream now. Not a single hitch, frame drop, or bug to be seen in the first couple hours. Solid 60, and looks incredible. I’m actually excited to keep playing!


Direct was super mid. "As big as 2019" my ass. Lots of remasters and farm sim games, but there were a few cool announcements. Zelda's got a neat title and a release date in May, finally


While I think Cyberpunk 2077 was a disappointment as an RPG, I do find myself drawn to it after the recent updates and Edgerunners (which I plan to watch today!). Cyberpunk is my favorite sci-fi genre, and the vibe was there. Maybe I'll beat it this time


Rilakkuma is lowkey my favorite thing Netflix has produced, and the second series is so sweet. I can't get enough of it, yet I'm so happy it's a short, digestible series. Perfect for cuddling


Speaking as a big SMT fan, I'm starting to feel fatigue with the non-Persona games. Persona is aneasy to recognize spin off with the social elements, but Soul Hackers 2, apart from the aesthetic, seems to be the same... ? As we just got SMT3 HD and SMTV


I'm so excited for Gloomwood despite my backlog AND that its early access that I'll probably just buy it now. Goddamn I loved the demo so much


Lollipop Chainsaw is the best James Gunn-written Evil Dead game on the market


First episode of Ring of Power was good, but very slow. I think I was too tired to watch it, but it certainly felt like LOTR and less like The Hobbit movies, which is great! I wish TV shows were less like long movies, but it is what it is. Ending was good


This is the exact tone and humor I want from a Weird Al "biopic" and I couldn't be more excited


A new AC unit is being installed tomorrow, and while it's worth 4x more than what I have in my bank account, I'm so excited to finally have central air. 2 weeks of 90 degree August weather with COVID is a certain hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy


So how's everyone liking House of Dragons so far? My emotional guard is up so high after the last few seasons of GoT, which is probably the show that wronged me the most and made me never want to re-watch it. I've yet to see HoD until it proves itself


I don't think anything warms my heart quite like the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring and the beautiful Shire and the pitch-perfect score by Howard Shore. I wish I was a hobbit so bad


This has to be the biggest joke of a Steam sale I've ever seen. These should be $5 tops, ESPECIALLY the bottom three




Continuing my em*lation train, I've discovered that Haze is so aggressively generic and boring I couldn't even make it past the driving levels. BUT, the PS2 Transformers game from 2004 F U C K S and brings me immeasurable amounts of nostalgia and joy


I still think about in God of War 2018 when Kratos retrieved his... you know... and how hype that was. I almost forgot how much I loved that game until I watched a playthrough. Ragnarök can't come soon enough


Lots of Steam demos, and so far I'm blown away by the System Shock update. It's LEAGUES better than the demo we got years ago, and they've opted for the trendy low-fi PS1-esque textures over the (IMO ugly) UE4 tech demo look. Also Cultic was fun


Gamescom was fine. Lots of fun little announcements and gameplay trailers to bloat my Steam wishlist, but nothing wowed me. Also, what's the point of Dead Island when they have Dying Light? And was DL2 a disappointment? I haven't heard much from it


Hideo Kojima announced a new podcast. During Gamescom. That's new to the palette


COVID has been an uphill battle, but at least the wife was able to build this!


Day 5 of COVID, and I think the major, painful symptoms are mostly handled: sore throat is largely gone, fevers are gone, but congestion and coughs still remain. I don't remember fatigue being such a primary symptom, but goddamn, I could sleep for weeks


Even though I've fallen off FFXIV as an MMO (but still regard it as one of the best JRPGs and will play patches/expansions), the community is just so sweet. Right now there's a "Mogchute Farm Livestream" of live animals and everyone is so happy in chat


COVID sucks man. Day 2.5 of symptoms and I’ve sweat so much I had to change clothes when I got up. After my nap today, the congestion kicked in and now I can’t hear SHIT. On the bright side, no work!


The DioField Chronicle demo fucks. I really love this style of gameplay and surprised it hasn't been used more often. If the writing and story hold up and are great, I may end up getting this day one. Graphics are a little wierd tho


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