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Two Weeks in and I Don't Know Anything, Post #1

[PSA: There are no pictures in this blog because that is tiresome work for what is basically word vomit. If you want to view my pictures, let's be friends on Facebook!] So here's a fun story: I missed my third flight. The last of three...


Final Fantasy VII for PS4: A 2016 Retrospective

I have a confession: I haven't played/beaten a JRPG until I was  sophomore in college only three years ago. It was Tales of Graces F--a pretty good game--and it was a whole new can of worms in my gaming palette. I remember play...


White Whales: Too Many to Count

I was going to use a silly picture, but this is nice I wish I could say I wasn't an anxiety-ridden person. I wish I could wake up, confident in who I am and what I study and with my path in life and just ...


What does it take to "love" a game?

That's not even connected! As I sit here, letting the melodic plucking of Tales of Zestiria's shop music make my play clock go where I don't want it to, there's a beast gnawing at my insides. Do I like this game? Well, yes. I i...


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