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World Building: Mountains and Caves

Building a decent world is one of the most important aspects to me personally, I love getting lost in a universe created for a game. There are several methods how you can go about this and I'd like to talk about two in this blog, the M...


Review: Trails of Cold Steel (Vita)

Title:  TRAILS OF COLD STEEL  System reviewed: PS Vita(also available on PS 3) Genre: JRPG Price: USD 40/ €40 / £ 35/AUD 59 (as of time of writing the game is on sal...


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Hey there, welcome to my corner here on Dtoid!

Name's Malthor, I've been playing games for pretty much my whole life and hope to keep it that way for a long time.

"Goddamn noobs!"

As long as you don't mind the occasional bad joke on my part we'll probably get along fine.

Have a good day and see you around!

Online IDs(feel free to add me, I'm from Germany though so there may be some timezone issues)

PSN: MorbiusNordheim
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