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Sad to see the algorithmic nightmare of Web 3.0 is targeting this place as well. Chris your articles kept me coming back to this place , what a fucked decision https://cohost.org/MajorTomsCoffeeCup Trying to follow as much of y’all as I can on t


Anyone have any luck getting a cross platform witcher 3 save from switch to ps5 ? I’ve looked online and haven’t found anything yet 😬


Call me crazy but pokemon violet is the most fun I’ve had with the series since X


I don’t think I’m going to be able to emotional handle anything bad happening to this cat tomorrow


For me at least , that showcase was better than any of the other ones this month. Will finally try persona 5. Looks like the wait paid off!


I’m fucking gob smacked this happened so quickly….this is so fucked. I’m talking about roe v wade. I know there are already posts but fuck


Think I scored a ps5 from bjs! Extra controller and gran turismo 7! Gonna take the SSD out of my ps4 and use it as an external. Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled!


So I’ve decided to enter the ps5 hunt. I’m doing the ps5 direct thing through Sony and I have a text app running for it. Any other pointers? I don’t have twitter and don’t plan on using it


So obviously this is a stacked year, Elden Ring is probably gonna be my goty but could easily be dethroned by sun break or xeno 3. What 2-3 titles are y’all most anticipating to play this year ? I’m assuming botw 2 will be pushed back as well.


Man I played a lot of 3ds (was my only console for a bit) Wii U in the comments. Man that was actually a really fun gen for me


You know , say what you want about the graphics in legends of arceus, but the rain effect looks better than the rain in cyber punk 2077🤷‍♀️ Also, got tickets to see osees and king gizzard later this year. Don’t fail me now 2022. Eldin ring is n


Yakuza is a lot of fun. Enjoyed all these games except dragon age, I had to finish at least the main story but my god was it hard to play. Bloodstained was good , not Metroid dread good, but good, and dark souls is…dark souls.


Okay so witcher season 2 is substantially less coherent than the first one and characters, save for sweet Henry, the characters make no fucking sense to me.


Games of 2021 that I played ? 1. MH rise 2. Metroid dread 3. Pokémon shining cum dragon 4. Mario 3D world electric boogaloo 5. Skyward sword HD Honorable mentions and titles played in 2021 that released before in comments!


Murray Krampus eve y’all! I hope everyone had a good holiday/weekend/day/end of year. Times are tough right now, and omicron is a bitch, but hopefully everyone is able to scratch out a little something positive for the end of the year.


Definitely a switch gamer first and ps4 second but ps4 got some love this year


Dude , played some fallout 76 with a buddy cause it was on psnow and jfc thst game is a broken piece of shit, we were playing at like 8 frames per second #catturday


On the eve eve of Metroid V, what are folks’ favorite metroidvanias? For me I’d have to say 1. Fusion 2. Zero Mission/Super 3. Hollow Knight I’m super excited for dread me self, reviews are really exciting.


Playing through samus returns again in anticipation for dread and my second play through is much more enjoyable than the first. I think I was in a weird place the first time I played it, or compared it too much to fusion. Super hyped for dread.


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