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Top Ten 10 Ice Creams

It's hot, there's no denying it. For many summer is here (winter for others) and yet, for some, it can't go away fast enough. I like sunshine and embrace the heat. As far as I'm concerned it can be as hot as possible so long as there i...


RAM: System Bugs

For this episode only I'm dropping the characters to get some things off my chest that have been bugging me for some time. And, my thanks to everyone who supports my crap. DESTROY FAP COUNTER I would like to see how this place function...


Jet Set Lucky

What a year it's been, so much drama and chaos, for little old me. I dropped my toast just after New Year's, crumbs everywhere. On Valentine's day I farted in a queue while waiting for coffee, it stunk as bad as the coffee. During East...


RAM: Randomly Accessed Memories

[Boot...][System check...][Loading textures...][Picking nose...][Asking for assistance...][Reboot lol...][Initialising...] [Contacting ENIAC, EMOTION ENGINE, GIZMONDO...] [Connection established.]   ENIAC: Greetings. EE: Hai. GIZ:...


Banner v Banner (2003-8)

“The first minute of this film is a master-work of efficient story-telling. When this film was being made, the studio referred to is as a "requel." Essentially, It's a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk film, if that movie were actually a...


BoB: When 10 min showers became 30 min ones

  Based on a true story.   A long, long time ago in city far, far away ...called Leicester. Lived younger me. Hi. Anyhoo, I read this qpost and within it Occams made a comment that caused a memory to spurt out of my bio-hard ...


At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified

  Thinking I Could Never Live Without You By My Side   Why I think Metal Gear Survive will do OK.   Yes, a Metal Gear without Kojima-san, Big Boss or Solid Snake is wrong, but we had Revengence and that worked out. Kona...


Look Behind You

T'was a macabre night and all manner of villainy was afoot. Bah, feck writing like a idiot. Imma talk with my own words. Another cold Friday on my way to work and it was pretty chilly outside. It was a clear morning otherwise. I didn't...


Need Input, Stephanie

Hi, it's been a while. I haven't seen some of you for a while. Y'all good? I'm no fan of hello and goodbye threads (I find them a little bit needy) but fuck it now, I'm committed. Since it's me, this is not your typical hello...


The Gallery: Sonic Saturday

Hello boys and girls welcome to HartBeat. Let's head over to The Gallery and see what viewers have mailed in this week.   Perro, age 9, from Dorset.   TheAngriestCarp, age 8, from Sussex.   CrounchingSquid, age 5, ...


You Can't Say That! # 15

  Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these! Time to fill that Contest slot in the recaps with something.How's everyone? Good, let's begin. Let's get silly! Simple game: Remember when I used to regularly post a pict...


Turning Japanese: My Wifu

His manhood throbbed in her hands as she massaged his shaft. Moans of delight whispered from his lips to her ears. She lay back onto the bed and slipped off her panties placing them onto his erection. She arched her back and began to g...


Image Tutorial Blog

Hello reader (most likely ZoePapillon), I put together a quick step by step guide showing how to insert images into your blog. If this is patronising, tell a mod. First up, uploading images to Dtoid's server. Make them carry your image...


Elsa, I did your Husband. And some other guys.

Forgive me, I meant to get this uploaded a while ago (it's been over two months!) but my PS4's saved pictures were corrupted when copied to my USB stick. Twice. Forcing me to remake the faces again and again. Ugh. This time I made a fe...


The Other Beginner's Guide to Destructoid

There's a guide doing the rounds at the moment explaining how to get involved here at Destructoid, well I'm here to expand on things a little further with my own unique perspective on things. Please, take a seat.   - First ru...


Congrats to LightShady! Please stand up.

Prepare your mobiles! Nintendo   Zelda Eevee Indie games JRPG (Monolith Software) Phoenix Wright Anna Kendrick Satay Lord Of The Rings   Eevee Eevee H.P. Lovecraft Beast Wars Mythology Studio Ghibli Midriffs Gr...


Initiation Station: Happy Faces

Initiation Station   There I was thinking I had missed this month's topic. When I got word that it was still active. Which is great, because now I get to share this with yous. The FOB events keep me coming back to MGSV and while h...


Easter Egg Special

'Allo my friends, I am 'ere wiz my bad Franch accent to present to you today my art. Pieces of art that have been born in my 'aart and touched the 'aarts of othzers. I will guide you on a private tour through a collection of ...


You Can't Say That! # 14

  I had to include this picture, it made me smile from ear to ear. So good. I don't know who made it, it popped up in a google search but I had to include it. The amount of weirdness and rule 34 stuff that popped as well ...


Destructoid 9 - WayForward 25

Just a quick memo for the dazed and confused waking to the achy and boozey aftermath of a Mike Martin sexual rampage from last night. It was all in good fun; see, it's our ninth anniversary. And anniversaries call ...


You Can't Say That! # 13

Let's get silly! Simple game: I regularly post a picture, you caption it. The winner is the comment with the most upvotes. The winner will also receive a prize for their efforts.   What the booming heck is going on here? &nb...


Band of Bloggers: Fallout New Vegas

Private Luck reporting for dooty, sir! As the Barry Pepper within the Band of Bloggers, I'm content to sit and wait until I'm absolutely ready before I fire my bloggy load. However, with the deadline fast approaching and...


Happy Anniversary Dtoid: The Magnificent Nine

I've only just celebrated my one year anniversary here at Destructoid; I officially signed up in February 2014 after lurking for a couple of years in awe of the GIF bombs in the front page articles comments' sections. It's been good so...


You Can't Say That! # 12

Hello all! I'm back with another contest. Last time was on xmas day FFS! Two lucky winners have walked away with a copy of The Witcher 3 and Cuphead. This week it's back to the random cheap shit goodies! Hope you're all well and d...


You Can't Say That! # 11

This week it's some sort of special occassion, people are talking in hushed tones and children are laughing with delight in anticipation. That's right it's time for one of my contest blogs. Yay. I mean, YAY! Ugh, it's a lazy after...


You Can't Say That! # 10

Let's get silly! Simple game: I regularly post a picture, you caption it. The winner is the comment with the most upvotes. The winner will also receive a mystery prize for their efforts.  It sure has been a while, I didn't forget...


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I'm an European-Asian male living under the rule of a monarchy.


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I'm very passionate about reading, it helps me pretend I'm English (wot wot). My favourite book is Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo".


I love listening to music on trains, in parks, sprawled out on my bed and during gaming. I like any genre; favourite artists include: Underworld, James Brown, The Police, David Gray, The Kinks, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix.


I adore film and popcorn. Popcorn slightly more. I couldn't pick a favourite film but I do tend to shy away from horror. Oh, fuggit I'll name-drop Leon and Gladiator.


Like fellow Dtoiders I also game.

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Other things include: drinking too much tea, unashamedly singing poorly, making shallow attempts at keeping fit, and thinking too much.


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