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Rest in pieces mein Wanzer. We killed you.

Unlike the last three Front Mission releases, I didn't buy the newest title as soon as it hit store shelves.

As far as I�m concerned -- as well as my RPG obsessed friends -- the Front Mission series is dead.

The newest title, Front Mission Evolved, takes the strategic, turn-based mech-on-mech action into third-person shooter territory.

I never -- never -- thought I would type a sentence that had the words front, mission and shooter in it.

C'mon Square! I'll buy 10 copies if this comes to America!

Front Mission Evolved could be another spin-off, and maybe the next real title is on its way. Over the years the series has produced a side scroller, RTS and multiplayer online game. So, all of my tears shed over the thought of an over-the-shoulder shooter ruining Front Mission could be for naught.

If Front Mission Evolved is a good game I might buy it. I�m not holding my breath, though.

There�s really only two paths this series seems destined for. On the one hand Front Mission Evolved is a success and Square-Enix focuses on the more action-heavy gameplay in future installments and that�s that.

Or, the game tanks and we lose everything Front Mission�forever.

I guess I�m a bit of a pessimist and resistant when it comes to change, but I want my little mechs on a square grid; there are already enough ho-hum shooters on the Xbox 360.

At least these guys have given gamers like me the happiness Square has denied.
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