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Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review


To keep gamers interested Hurricane features an unlocking system for gaining new boats, courses and events. It�s as simple as placing first, second or third on any race or event to gain points.

Constantly unlocking new things keeps that �just one more time� feeling hard to break.

When the first console version of the original Hydro Thunder came to Dreamcast, the best way to play it was with my brother sitting next to me.

We never complained about the original only hosting two player races, but Hurricane opens up a whole slew of welcome multiplayer options.

Not only can up to four players play together on the couch, but up to eight can also compete against each other over Xbox Live.

Normal races are available in multiplayer as well as the two new modes: Ring Master and Gauntlet.

Ring Master is a time trial mode where racing through predetermined rings gives you an extra boost and missing them adds time to your final score.

Gauntlet is similar except that the gimmick is a course filled with explosives waiting to blow away your dreams of a fast finish.

However, things end a little too quickly.

Gamers will no doubt have countless hours of fun as they play until 4 a.m. online, but the content itself runs out too quickly.

There are only eight courses to race on in every game mode. While they are perfectly crafted and I find myself playing my favorite two for hours at a time, it�s really disappointing to not have more courses.

I want more crocodiles jumping at me. I want more thousand�foot tall waterfalls to jump off of. I want more everything.

Hopefully this will be rectified with downloadable content, but it�s kind of a shame considering the game already cost $15.

Racing game fans who remember the good old arcade days of annoying announcers and loud speakers built into the arcade cabinet�s chairs will no doubt eat up this title.

It�s a fun, simple game with loads of replay value for those that have a group of friends to share a couch with or have Internet access.

The good: Hydro Thunder is back and better than ever!
The bad: Eight tracks are not enough.
Watch out!: Falling rocks, random explosions and giant statues of the gods of Asgard all try to impede your way to the finish line.
Score: 9 out of 10
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