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Do the wrong thing: Harbinger of War

People say I became this [Blog Note: It's been a while since I've written anything like this, really, so try to read my wording despite it's flaws. It's also been a while since I've played Fallout 3, so my memory is a bit hazed.] I'...


Why I love Destructoid

I'm fairly new here, peeking and poking around since late 2008. There are many reasons why I love Destructoid. Here's a few of them: 1.You guys love the games love the games I love. It's a bit more complex than it seems, but there is somet...


Recent Purchases

I'm going through a phase. I'm now buying games (specifically for my PS2) that have been released more than two years ago. I don't have a next gen console, other than my WII, and I don't feel like shelling out fifty bones for a single game ...


Late to the party: Final Fantasy

Good job Square-Enix. They seem to be making at least two Final Fantasy related games that I'm interested in. I'm by no means an FF fan, but it looks like Dissidia and XIII are looking real good right now. I've tried some tittles in the ser...


A love, I must confess...

I must confess, my love Hey Dtoid! This is my first blog on the site, and I�d like to share something that might sound crazy and ridiculous. I love the Metal Gear series. Ok, that�s not crazy at all, in fact a healthy signal of good ta...


About Loogibotone of us since 8:17 PM on 10.14.2008

FACT: Actual picture of my current tongue

Yo, I'm a Latin-American NYC student of Graphic Design, who spends most of his free time playing videogames, drawing random stuff on paper/computer, watching Anime( I love Hayao Miyazaki's films, and my trip to the Ghibli Museum strengthened this)/Sci-Fi movies, reading Manga/Comics, reading books, Karaoke with friends, messing with electronics, surfing Teh interwebz, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember now. I've been mashing buttons and plucking analog stick since the age of four, with no signs of slowing. I mostly listen to Punk, Grunge, Metal, Hip Hop, and Rap. My favorite genre is... pretty much nothing sports related. My favorite games/series (esp. those with a heart) include, but may not be limited to:

Ace Combat<3
Advance Wars
Battle Tanx
Call of Duty <3
Chrono Trigger<3
Donkey Kong
Earthbound (Really want to try out Mother3)
Fallout 3<3
Front Mission
Grand Theft Auto<3
Guitar Hero<3
Katamari Damacy
Left 4 Dead
Legend of Zelda<3
Metal Gear Solid<3<3
No More Heroes
Ogre Battle
Pokemon<3 (canon only, can't stand the show/movies)
Resident Evil
Rise of Nations
Rock Band<3
Shadow of the Colossus<3
Silent Hill
Sins of a Solar Empire
Sonic the Hedgehog (Advance and prior only)
Soul Calibur
Star Fox<3
Star Wars Battlefront<3
Street Fighter
Super Mario
Super Smash Bros.<3
Yoshi�s Island<3

Here is a list of consoles I currently own:

and a weak pc, but can still play CoD4 on low settings

Here's a list of lost/broken consoles I've had:

Psp-lost on a trip from Japan
Ds-lost on the train
Ps2-broken dvd drive

I would love to get a Ps3, eventually a new Ds(i) and a 360, but am low on cash for all that now.