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Summer Playlist Game 2: LoZ: Wind Waker

I'll be honest before this article gets on a roll: I tried to play God of War. I really did, but I just can't get into the series. Don't get me wrong, I can see why many people love and cherish it. Guess it just turns out to be one of...


Summer Playlist Game 1: Red Faction: Guerrilla

School's finally out, summer time is here, and that means there's plenty of more free time on my calendar for gaming. If you're the type of game I unfortunately happen to be (lazy), then there's probably a long list of games you've been m...


About Llexanone of us since 3:43 PM on 12.06.2007

Hello, my name is Allen, and I'm a gamer. The addiction started at the age of 7 when I received a Super Nintendo with a copy of Donkey Kong Country for Christmas. Ever since then, my hands have been glued to a controller.

Favorites include (but not limited to):
The Legend of Zelda Series
Anything made by Valve
Starcraft and Warcraft
Silent Hill series
"Da Halos"
Castlevania (mainly SotN)
Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future
Fallout 3 and Skyrim
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Resident Evil series

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