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AC: Brotherhood Online awesomeness

Hi dtoid, so apparently no one wanted to come out to play some assassins creed brotherhood on Friday. While that's quite alright, perhaps some of you just aren't convinced that it's fun online, and that's just plain sad! So, let me explain some of the awesome scenarios that have occurd online to me, to maybe sway you to come out next weekend.

Scenario 3; Keeping the pups safe
In a team battle, you have to remember that your friends, are your life line. Even if you are killed, they should be there to take revenge. Even if you are being chased, they should be there to help back you up. The pressure was on me this time, as a enemy assassin rolled up next to two of my teammates in a group of npc's next to myself sitting on a bench with a same-looking npc.

The enemy stopped, and stared at us. We were on the defense, so assassinating him isn't an option. He aimed his hidden gun, and starred at the group of npc's and my teammates. He was waiting for a mistake, for a npc to move, or for a teammate to act too soon, or too late. Did he even notice me on the bench? or did he even care.

Seconds seemed like minutes, and I jumped up, and sprinted towards him, and lay down a smoke bomb. Making him stunned and coughing, giving me and my allies plenty of time to make a mad dash across the level, into hiding yet again.

So anyway, I hope this gives you a little insight into how awesome this game can be online. It's actually a really great change of pace from the Halo Reacharounds, and CodBlopping, and even the Gran Torino racings. I'd highly recommend the game, the single player is fantastic, and the multiplayer is something unique and fun. As always, check out FNF for ps3 or 360 posted every Friday on the C-Blogs, it's a blast and more people are always welcome.
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