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Intro (Let's try again...)

To be honest, I don't really use my blog that much (read: at all), I barely use the account to comment on some things. And I had some issues with an accidental Facebook account link which made my blog go nuts and stop working. I did conta...


About Legionone of us since 9:06 PM on 12.12.2009

My name's Juan Ignacio, I live in Argentina (in case you don't even know what Argentina is, it's a place somewhere in South America, so no, it's not Mexico).
I'm 19 years old, and finishing the first year of my Information Systems Engineering degree.

My interest in gaming was there since I was born, though I've never had access to most of the consoles, I had a NES until I turned 8, that's when I got my PSX but I've never been much of a console gamer anyway, as I grew up I started to feel atracted by PC gaming and here I am.
I currently own a PC, PSP and I also have a PS3.

I have a varied tasted in games, though I've never been too fond on JRPG's. I prefer shooters, action adventure games, MMORPG's and Action RPG's.


My Steam ID is juanifraga, my GFWL Gamertag is darth189(Although I haven't played any GFWL games for a while) and my PSNid: juani-arg