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Nintendo Lost E3. SeymourDuncan117 won E3.

E3 is far enough behind us now and I think its time somebody lays down the truth. The fact is, Nintendo lost E3 and SeymourDuncan117 won it and here is why. 1. SeymourDuncan has way more polygons than any of the games Nintendo showed 2. S...


N anbuuu: an ode to nanbou

Nanbu YOU ARE JUST SO BEATIFUO. fukk da hayters! they don't even know what real beauty is. You are agoddess. they cant appreciate your fuckin beauty cuz it blinds them. wen I think of you I think of Athena or that one gurl named jane. I wan...


The Return of The King... Of Gaming Podcasts

HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!11!!!!!!!Get Hype! About 4 years ago one of the greatest, no The Greatest vidja gaemz podcast ever made started. And it was known as Talkradar Seriously it was so lovely. As time went o...


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