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Now Loading: The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming

Now Loading: The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming Now Loading is a weekly column focused on the games I'm currently engaged with, enraged at or totally perplexed by. I like to commit. Once I pick up a game and decide to stick with it, I g...


Nethack Adventures: Argento The Knight Part 1

Nethack Adventures Issue #1: Argento the Knight Introduction: I plan to make Nethack Adventures a regular feature which will focus on the adventures and inevitable death of a Nethack character. Nethack has a tendency to astonish you wit...


Rebellion, Resistance and Gaming

One of the things that bothers me most about Video Games is how they all almost universally embrace conformity. Albert Camus, a well known novelist and essayist once said, "In the face of contemporary political society, the only coherent a...


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Short List of Shame:(Some of the games I really need to play ASAP)
Half Life 2
System Shock 2
The Ultima Series
Shadow of the Colossus
Deus Ex

Stuff I have recently spent my $$$ on but haven't played:

JRPG's I've Known and Loved:
Phantasy Star (not the shitty multiplayer games)
Suikoden I-III
Dragon Warrior
Final Fantasy

Western RPG's that enthralled me:
Baldur's Gate Series
Planescape Torment
Pools of Radiance
Might and Magic Series
The Elder Scrolls Series