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I’m @Lawman on Cohost, .lawman on Discord, and lawman316 on Steam and PlayStation. I’m also losing my mind. Daily.


Wasting time in the waiting line. I’m surprised we didn’t all use Discord. I’m .lawman on that and lawman316 on PlayStation and Steam if anyone wants to add me.


After 25 straight work days, I finally get a weekend off. What am I playing? I paid for a more expensive PS+ tier just to get it. You know what time it is.


My Xbox prediction: a remake of Persona 3. Also, a Persona 5 tactics game.


Getting it was an ordeal and I will never order from Best Buy again, but finally, THE PS5 IS ALIVE!


Did any SF 6 news mention all the monetization and mental trickery in the game? Battle passes? Rental passes to test unowned characters for a whopping hour? Battle hub clothes costing 4x what you can make in a month? Paid currency that’s time limited?


It’s a couple days until release and I’m surprised no one mentioned this. Haggar as a mentor character? Yeah, probably!


Lunark was an overwhelmingly alright game. It clings to Flashback’s schtick well too tightly to be drastically interesting, and 4 hours for a $20 game feels slight. None of it was truly bad though, and it did have its moments.


Yeah, how the anti-ad blocker nonsense is trying to keep me from the site. I promise, I’ll walk before I allow the site’s intrusive ads. Which might be a benefit anyway! Unless the site offers a reasonable alternative?


A song I’ve been thinking of lately. Sometimes I feel like dumping songs here but QToid won’t let me without some pretty, empty words. Let the song speak for itself.


Am drunk again.


tater hit his goal! Special thanks to all the badass philanthropists that showed up to donate, and no thanks deserved to my drunk ass for attending. Vxxy showed though, because vxxy is awesome!


taterchimp’s Twitch stream only has two hours to go! I’m the only one there, so I’m talking to myself. A lot. Save me from me! And donate if you’re feeling frisky!


I went into the Super Mario Bros. Movie today with low expectations. I came out of it completely in love with it! I do think being a Mario fan helps a ton, as the references are unrelenting, but it’s a fun, colorful and charismatic flick regardless.


Star Hearts: Launch Point is currently up on Kickstarter! It failed to acquire the needed funds its first go, which is a shame. It has a demo on Steam for anyone interested in trying it out themselves.


RE 4make finished! Suggesting Hardcore for a first play is terrible, Capcom. Still, a solid 8.5 out of 10. Some unfortunate jank, and the game’s exhausting nature suggests there can be too much of a good thing, but that’s better than bad.


Y’know, the bogus regenerator bit never was funny. An image of an ACTUAL regenerator:


That’s Paranormasight done and dusted! Great little mystery title worth the $16 (on launch sale). Definitely twisty and turny. Also expects the player to pay attention to the plot in order to progress. The art’s very nice!


Like a Dragon: Ishin! Is a game I’m conflicted on. On one hand, it feels more like a port than a real remake and the $60 - $70 price tag is offensive. On the other, if you’re a Yakuza fan, you likely won’t care. Had a fun time beating it myself!


Marvel’s Midnight Suns now mostly works on Steam Deck, crashing occasionally instead of constantly. It’s literally just Western Persona with licensed superheroes. It rocks! Throwing Hydra goons at each other and getting drunk with Captain Marvel’s f


Honestly, considering I’ve only had my Steam Deck since September? That’s pretty mental. Important side note: Gotham Knights is likely on my most-played list because my step-nephew played it. I’d sully my dirty heathen hands with Avengers, but not G


Current work status


Henry knows what’s up.


Look. I don’t care. If Dead by Daylight is a bum game, Taterchimp is playing it. Go give him some views on Twitch!


Look. I don’t care. If Dead by Daylight is a bum game, Taterchimp is playing it. Go give him some views on Twitch!


I played Gotham Knights on the Steam Deck so you don’t have to! As someone that enjoyed Avengers - often in spite of itself - no. Nah. Don’t bother with GK. It commits the cardinal sin of being boring, and that’s BEFORE my 7 hour save got wiped.


Drunk. It is a miracle. Seriously, it’s the first time in 12 days I got a day off. Hoping y’all have a good one!


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