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Impressions: Arkanoid Vs. Space Invaders

Yesterday, an unthinkable yet logical crossover finally occurred. While seeing these two classic game series collide might come as a shock for some, Taito's more recent history suggests that this isn't so odd. They've been pushing Spac...


Playing Hooky: Wind Sleeper

As an adult, I don't take days off from work unless I'm absolutely sick. It's because I believe in showing up when expected to, taking responsibility as an adult and ensuring that others don't have to put more work out and suffer for ...


Join me on March 18th as I Ground some Zeroes!

Hello! �My name is Lawman. �My real name is Adam Lawson for you creepy stalkers out there. �I'm also known as 'that guy that comments on articles and does little else'. �I'm also a big fan of Metal Gear Solid! And Snatcher and pizza and Nin...


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