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Infinite Backlog - Gundam Breaker 3 Review

  Don't like reading? You can catch the review right here!   Released on March 3 2016 for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita in Japan and on April 28 106 in Asia, we have Gundam Breaker 3. As the name states, the game is...


Infinite Backlog: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

Episode 27: It's not really a Lost Valley if I've found it.Today's episode we look at the first Harvest Moon game that wasn't developed by Marvelous AQL. How does Natsume and Talbot Inc fare with their very first Harvest Moon game?Fin...


Infinite Backlog: inFamous: First Light

Episode 25 - Light up the nightIt's the standalone prequel downloadable content game thing to that other Infamous game which is a stand alone sequel to another previous set of games.It's Infamous First Light on the PS4!


Infinite Backlog: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Episode 22: Time's a-wastin' In today's episode we look at Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a multiplatform game released on Feb 5 in Japan, Feb 24 in the US and 26-27th everywhere else. In this game you take the role of a Time Patroller, taske...


Infinite Backlog: Fantasy Life

Episode 21: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?In today's episode we look at Fantasy Life, a simulation game developed by Level-5, 1-Up Studio (formerly Brownie Brown) and h.a.n.d for the Nintendo 3DS.What makes this game gre...


Infinite Backlog: Dying Light

Today 16-Bit looks at Dying Light, a game brought to you by Techland (see also: Dead Island). You can also check out the review in progress video which does explore some of mine and 16-Bit's thoughts on the game below: Feedback appre...


Infinite Backlog: Flower

16-Bit's put up a new video, go check out Flower on your Playstation 3/Playstation Vita/Playstation 4 today! Feel free to leave feedback so we can continue to make things more awesome for everybody.


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