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Happy birthday Frosty and NinjaSpeed!


The ends of the hotdog look like cat butts. -Ghandi


Happy birthday to Parismio and medicamecanica! Hope you both have a great day.


Why won't they make more Quantum Leap?!


Happy Birthday taterchimp! ... and Happy birthday to your magnificent face cozy.


Demon's Souls or Horizon Forbidden West? I can't decide.


For anyone who likes Robots and is fancy enough to put shirts on, Uniqlo just released some Gundam T shirts


Happy birthday to Jasondm300 and Occams! Hope you guys have a great one today.


Happiest of birthdays, Alphadeus, you're dope.


Happy birthday, Bass. I still have that beautiful picture you drew of me.


Happy birthday Jetter, Limo, and Vxxy!


I feel like Lou Bega up in here. "A little bit of Christieđź’‹, a little bit of Monicađź’‹, a little bit of Adrienneđź’‹, a little bit of Maryđź’‹ liked my comments"


Happy Birthday Robo Panda Z! (It's 'zed' right?)


I found this at a thrift store for pretty cheap. It's my first model. I feel like this is the beginning of a slippery slope.


Happy Birthday Soulbow! You better have a good one!


Happy belated birthday to SpikeyWiggedHero and AtomicBanana! I hope you both had great days.


In England, booster shot is spelt "borcestershire shot".


Happy birthday streetmagik3! A little late but I hope you've had a great day!


Happy birthday to MeanderBot and Vesalius!


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