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Strategy wars: What most people fail to realize.

Hello everyone. This being my first blog, liek ev@r, I'd like to take things a little slowly. I'd like to point you towards one of the most glaring issues in strategy video gaming nowadays, RTS (Real Time Strategy) to be precise. With appro...


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Born in 1987, I've played video games since I was a little kid.
Unfortunately, due to my mother's hate on newer entertainment technology in general and video games in particular, I never possesed a NES, SNES, PS2, N64 or any other older console, for that matter. Gaming was mostly restriced to the PC for me, since it was a place not "controlled" by my mother's reign of terror. Very soon I understood that my talents were not residing in fast-paced action shooters, but rather in strategy games, and so, my very first games consisted mainly of Age of Empires titles as well as the Warcraft trilogy.
Since 2008, I'm engaged in the Make Them Fear multigaming clan, which fitted my interest in gaming the most, since it allowed me to find other players which shared the same interests as me very quickly.

Currently playing: Team Fortress 2 (PC), Gears of War 2 (Xbox360), Company of Heroes (PC) and Fable 2 (XBox360). God, that's a lot of 2's