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hey gutys i vehangebety bloged in in a while so i thought i woaudlgh blog now i hope you enjoy my ablgo im so sosrrhyay


Destructoid's 2010 Completed Games List: January Update

Good morning community. For those of you not aware, Destructoid has a forum. Within that forum is a thread, a thread where the Destructoid community routinely posts the games they've completed as they complete them. Then, it's left up to a ...


ChristianGamer's Psyche

Wii Sucks is a lie too. I, I think that people only fondly remember WiiSucks because that�s a popular thing to do, like loving Banj. That�s a Cblog thing. Woah, I�ve never been up here. That�s the thing I like about Madworld, because you fi...


My thoughts on Final Fantasy VI

This blog has been a long time coming. Fresh off of completing Final Fantasy VI on the SNES, III if you're one of those people, I assumed that the denizens of Destructoid would like to know what I thought of the experience. Conceited of m...


Chronotorious explored; pictures and a mini review

Welcome, welcome! After hearing that the Chronotorious album by The Bad Dudes was receiving a limited run of 1,000 copies made, I rushed to make a purchase. I had such confidence in the people behind this project that I didn't even bother c...


The Music Game Volume #1: Final Fantasy X

Welcome to The Music Game, my rather uncreatively titled once a week segment on memorable games music. Requests for what games you'd like to see my tackle next are welcome in the comments below, any request will be added to my list. Unfortu...


Brace yourselves: Spelunky is coming to XBLA in 2010

OH MY GOD! Spelunky is a wonderful, wonderful indie game by Derek Yu. If you haven't played it, go do so right now, here. To those of you who have played it, get excited. It was announced today on Spelunky World that the game is headed to...


Final Fantasy XII, where have you been all my life?

I've been working my way through Final Fantasy XII for the past few days. After the tidal wave of positive reviews the game received back in 2005 (2006?), I made sure to pick it up. I then discovered that the Internet did not share the same...


Why I love Destructoid... _;;

Hi! My name is Jack Klassen.! I'm a completely ordinary teenage boy from San Diego, California. My interests include soccer, surfing, writing poetry, and luge. I am homeschooled by my father who fought in the Korean War and was exposed to n...


Living Obstacles: The Koopa Brothers

Ah, Paper Mario. You're the very first game to enrapture me to the point of total obsession, a trait that would lead to your inevitable completion and a smaller version of me dancing around the room, excited at the prospect of having finall...


Persona 3 Portable revealed in Famitsu

Yeah, I don't know what to think either. This supposed scan from a Famitsu magazine shows off Persona 3: Portable in all of its one page glory. Instead of the hero we've grown used to, we're greeted by a female counter-part. An updated fe...


Living Obstacles: Jack Krauser

Welcome to Living Obstacles, a routine blog series I came up with one day in an extra long shower. Living Obstacles is an attempt to analyze and highlight different boss battles throughout the history of gaming. Depending on the mechanics o...


Dear Pedro, I Miss You

Dear Pedro, I miss you. It's been eight years since we last saw each other, and though I've held on to the hope that we would one day meet again, I know now that it isn't meant to be. When I first caught you, you were nothing but a wild M...


Backloggery: Chrono Trigger

It was with a great deal of determination and time that I set out to complete Chrono Trigger. I had reached the end many times before, but I had never taken the final step. I had never defeated the tyrant Lavos. If you were to look at it ...


My Video Game Collection: Part Three (NES Edition)

Thanks to the magic that are flea markets and pawn shops, I found a working Nintendo from 1985 and a few games a couple of weeks ago. Knowing how much you cool cats love video games, I figured I'd share the retro goodness I uncovered throug...


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