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Glitch Makes Audiosurf Look Better (IMO)


Yeah, it does make it a bit more confusing, but being able to see farther in the distance and the larger mix in colors make up a better (and more challenging) gaming experience in my opinion. Hopefully a future update will allow me to play with those effects without having to constantly alttab.

Speaking of Audiosurf, I'm on the verge of doing another contest. If I could get some input on what you'll rather have, that would be helpful:
A) 1 small prize a WEEK based on highscore from 1 song.
B) 1 big prize a MONTH based on highscore from 1 song.
C) 3-4 small prizes a MONTH based on highscore from 1 song.
D) 1 big prize a MONTH based on highscore from weekly songs.
E) [Insert suggestion here]
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