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Audiosurf Gets Seizure Warning


I know a lot of you have said that it should have a warning, well it finally happened along with a few other changes in the latest update:

* Added separate volume controls for menu music, game music, and sound effects
* Added new Mono Pro vehicle with jump fins (was in previous update)
* Play Double Vision with X360 controller and Mouse (or X360 controller only)
* Added "resend score" button in the event of a timeout
* Increased score submitting timeout duration to 22 seconds
* "Sharp corners" tweak now applies to ironmode only
* Added crypt.dll to the engine folder (bugfix)
* Fixed Butter Ninja exploit
* Fixed stone block exploit
* Increased rendering speed of achievements panel
* Typo corrections
* Expanded Audiosurf Radio browser to 9 song maximum
* Options: "X" replaced with "OK"
* Options: custom color sliders now have a color (r/g/b)
* Fixed various missing text problems with newer ATI drivers
* Fixed "Recently Played Songs" not saving between game sessions

The best thing for me is the last one, looking for 1 song I really like to play among thousands isn't the most entertaining thing to do. As for the seizure warning, I hope it didn't have to be put in there due to any incident, but yeah, it was kinda obvious it needed one.

Honestly I like playing it when the only light comes from my monitor and when it's so late here that people are either sleeping or waking up, but that's just me, the audiosurf addict.
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