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PAX East, pics from Sat.

Hit up the link below for more cosplay and gender ambiguitiy goodness! https://picasaweb.google.com/109463631549714387915/PAXEAST2012


Remember Me? Aperturescience.com

Hey there, this blog contains some ***SPOILERS****. Although the main focus of this is information that was available pre-Portal2, it does contain informations that is somewhat pertinent. You have been warned. Also, forgive me if someone el...


Capture The Babe Mode Not Sexist: Historical.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wife_carrying Wife carrying (Estonian: naisekandmine , Finnish: eukonkanto or akankanto, Swedish: kärringkånk) is a sport in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate. Th...


Keyboard Controls And You!

The following is part rant, part info-graphic, all for fun. We as gamers know that there's many things that can very quickly make or break a game. For some it's graphics, others it's the quality of sound and sometimes it's the core mechani...


PhotoBlag: Pax East

Kintaro here again with another "Blag" I won't do much typing here since the pictures are what I'm sure most (if not all) of you would ever be interested in. Album Link: https://picasaweb.google.com/109463631549714387915/PAXEAST note: b...


VideoBlag : Role Model - Fiona

((Available in 720p)) This is my first VideoBlag of what could be several. The purpose of this was the introduce a character that I have been playing with for somewhere around a month now. What makes Fiona of the Vindictus video game so...


Portal 2: Speculations

So with Portal 2 being an official game set to release this holiday season, I'm sure every forum and game-related comment box is being overloaded and crammed full of speculation, cautionary concerns, and rage. Being that I like telling pe...


Gripe: Motion Based Controls

Yes, we've all had our fair share of them by now. Motion-based controls have been in use far longer than our seemingly innovative Nintendo overlords might have us think. Indeed, motion control has a rich history of fun, but also one of he...


Dear Destructoid Readers: This is Samus

Despite the title of this blog post, I'm going to try to make this not into a right/wrong post, but instead an example of differing opinions. That said, I decided to give this post a go in the wake of the recent pictures and descriptions h...


A Dimebag of Allods Online

The fourth closed beta of the Free To Play game Allods Online has ended, and with the open beta set to come into effect in three days (February 16th), there's a much to be excited about. For those who have not been aware of Allods Online,...


About Kintarotpcone of us since 11:53 AM on 01.07.2010

I've been playing games ever since my father brought home that first Atari system. While my original gaming experience was almost entirely platformers and RPGs, once I got a PC of my own, I've been in love with first person shooters. The most important of these shooters to my gaming career being, of course, Half-Life. Once I got my grubby paws on a copy of Half-Life there was a cascade of gaming from all the mods and all the online play.

These days I still play First Person Shooters but I'm not quite as much as a fiend as I had been. Admittedly it feels difficult to find a good RPG to dump several hours into, which is why I still often stick to online games. My current favorite online games are Team Fortress 2 and Age of Chivalry. Previously I was a WoWtard but have kicked the habit.

What I'm here for:

Destructoid Articles - duh.
Trying to write interesting blog posts.
Enjoying other people's blog posts.
Having fun in general.

My Stuff:

While I technically do not own all of these, I have access to the following consoles, many of which were purchased by me and given to others:

Sega Saturn

And my computer specs (the important ones anyways):

AMD Phenom II X2 545 @ 3.0 GHZ
Enough Hard Drive Space to kill a monkey.
4 Gigs of DDR2 sdram (3.5 accessable in my stupid 32bit OS)
Onboard Audio, because I'm a cheapskate and didn't feel like stuffing this soundblaster in.

Role Playing Games
First Person Shooters
Online Versions of both of those.
Freakish combinations of the first two.
Platforming from time to time.
Guilty Gear
Internet Memes
Messing up pop-culture memes to watch people cringe.
Deadpan comedy.

Golf (playing, not watching)
And More