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My Cohost is DriftingDingus for anyone interested.


So when Mario becomes an elephant, does that mean he could go into musth?


So Jurassic Park's 30th birthday was Sunday, and JWE2 added some themed decor for the occasion. Bad news is that this seems to be all we're getting as far as non-mobile content.


Had this idea for a MonHun-style game set in a prehistoric world for so many years now, and TotK's Fuse system has given me ideas as to how the weapons would play out.


Roots of Pacha was taken off Steam. Seems there's a dispute between Crytivo (publishers) and Soda Den (developers). At this moment, it seems to be a case of "he said, she said" as to whose responsible.


Gonna need to A, complete BotW proper and B, get my right joycon replaced (right analog stick won't function when pressed down, long story short; always check your skillets for grease...) before I plan on buying TotK.


QToid: When you guys write a blog about games you haven't played in a long time, how do you remind yourselves as to how they play? Like, do you look up stores where they're available or do you just search let's plays/go arrgh and call it a day?


Everyone else is trying their damnedest to avoid TotK spoilers via leaks. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on whether we'll see more wildlife to catalogue/cook into gourmet dishes that'll make Gordon Ramsey raise an eyebrow. Pic unrelated.


For those who like farming-based life sims, Roots of Pacha, a Stone Age take on the genre, came out last week. Seems there's actual domestication mechanics long-term and not just basic taming like, say, ARK and the like.


I say again, using a T. rex to water your crops is arguably the most creative thing you can do with it as a mount.


Limited Run Games is going to release a Retro Collection of SNES Jurassic Park games for the film's 30th anniversary. Almost makes up for Universal filing a C&D towards that fangame being made on Dreams. Almost.


Well, seems Monster Hunter is throwing its hat into the AR ring.


Dino Run 2's development seems to be going strong.


Random question; When you guys think of ogres, what's the first thing that comes to mind that doesn't involve Shrek? For me, probably Mulgarath from the Spiderwick Chronicles. Only seen the film thus far, but his book design intrigues me more.


Broke: Using a T. rex as the ultimate war mount. Woke: Using a T. rex to water your crops.


Took that prior advice about game engines and installed Unreal. It was not as simple as I'd have hoped because most prior attempts just led to installation stalling at the last second...


Tried grilling with hickory wood for the first time back when there was still daylight out and damn-near singed my hair/found myself burned alive. But you know what? Totally worth it.


Welp, I learned about the chemical spill from Eastern Ohio possibly spreading into the Ohio River, and while I'm a distance away from that, my county's still likely gonna get affected so... Wish me luck I guess.


Well, after finally giving Pokemon Scarlet a go as my first ever Pokemon game (I never had the opportunity to play the others in earnest before), I'm officially addicted to it.


Don't you just love it when you get one helluva wind storm that takes out the power in your block and you end up spending the rest of the night in the dark? Because that's exactly what happened yesterday.


Well, Dino Run's multiplayer servers have officially shut down due to Xgen Games, the server provider, ending services for all legacy titles. They *did* give Pixeljam the source code, and they decided to open-source it. Pic unrelated.


I'm strongly considering going back into learning game dev after so many years (there were a couple of reasons why I stopped). Right now, I'm trying to decide whether to return to Unity or give Unreal a spin.


Well, this is certainly one way to bring back the long-lost weeb in me.


I was wondering if we were gonna get news on this anytime soon.


It's 6PM and my teats are rigid. Winter is on its way.


Well, we got trailers for Beast Wars movie and Indiana Jones 5, Jaiden Animations is now a vtuber and Kanye West is officially public enemy #1. Today can't possibly get any more interesting, can it? Image irrelevant.


Cranky Kong's jimmies remain unrustled.


New trailer for The Long Dark's expansion pass. Cougars have also been confirmed, but that's cougar as in wildcat and not attractive, older women.


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