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A blog on Saurian

 I honestly was hesitant on doing, because it felt a bit like advertising, but as I mentioned it in prior posts, I assume it's best to begin explaining what it is...  I have been following a WIP survival game for the past ...


Dinosaurs and the short end of the stick

 Granted, I'm new (though technically, I've been following the site for several years now), but this is a topic I wanted to share somewhere outside of my usual comfort zone, and I guess this is the best place to go to. Now that we...


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Fellow D-toider who ain't much for words. Low-Level Asperger's but I at least try to be mature. Mostly. My hobbies include drawing and dead things that are older than dirt. Favorite games:

-Monster Hunter
-Animal Crossing
-Saints Row 2
-The Long Dark

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