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9th Gen begins anew! I cannot communicate how much of an upgrade this is compared to my shitty 1080p LCD TV. Not only will the C1 clean up things in general, it also allows full access to Insomniac's full slew of black magic graphics technology!


I committed the cardinal sin of offering to help the apartment complex handyman with his computer, but it was in surprisingly good shape given that he's 80. Still, Win 10 was not meant for cutesy laptops with 30 Gb of internal storage.


All right, I have pretty much settled on getting an LG C1 65' OLED. It's 4K with 120 Hz, VRR and HDR, which is what I want. They're not absurdly pricey now either. Question is, what kind of soundbar should I be looking for?


Third palace down in P5R! I wasn't sure if I'd like this part as much as before, but no, Makoto is still awesome. I'm ever so slowly convincing myself to pick up that Pop Up Parade figure of hers, especially since the upcoming Aigis one has derpy eyes.


I dragged myself to the old house in RE7 on Madhouse. Even after RE3 on Nightmare, that shit is rough! You get like 1 more shotgun shell than you need and it's full of surprise encounters. I somehow aced the Jack fight though. Not sure I can finish it.


Since I'm tired of the sticks absorbing grime, I got myself some thumb grips for my PS3 controllers. I was already keeping them in plastic bags, but it wasn't enough. Gotta take care of these things, DS3 controllers are difficult to get in good condition.


I'm 2 Palaces into P5R and I've hit a nice groove overgrinding unhinged Personas I won't need for another 15 hours. I had forgotten just how much of a dumbass Ann is, which is delightful. Yusuke remains a wet mop, but the new mechanics make him fun.


It has come to my attention that Shamus Young has passed away at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest. People here would probably know him best for his Experienced Points column over at the Escapist, but he was involved in so much more. This hit me so hard


Since a friend of mine is threatening to stream P5R once it hits PC, I bit the bullet and finally started my playthrough of it. It's so nice to be back in its stylish embrace and the new mechanics makes the first Palace so much less of a slog.


Doing a magic Proud Mode run of KH1FM has been a transformative experience. Since buttonmashing became less viable, I had to actually engage with resource management, use specific strategies for bosses and use summons. Really shows the depth that's there.


Yo, someone decompiled Jak and Daxter and made a native PC port, with 2 & 3 to follow. That's rad.


With the PS5 upgrade for RE7 out, I remembered that I hadn't tried 3D audio yet. I only noticed it a few times, but just using a crappy headset did wonders for immersion. I even managed to beat the survival mode while forgetting about skill upgrades!


.hack quadrilogy complete. That sure was a disappointing 60 hours on every conceivable level. The games have been undercooked so far, but part 4's endgame was like 5 layers of outrageous tedium. The final boss was cool, but it was still so bad.


All I knew about Shadow Warrior 2 is that it turned into a co-op looter shooter. The online was spotty, but it's really funny at least. The loot being upgrades for distinct guns was a smart move. You can make some unhinged stuff, like a revolver shotgun.


Damn. They put politics in my video games as far back as 19 years ago. The fiends! How am I going to pretend that minorities don't exist now? /s


I'm 4 blogs into Blood Omen and I just barely got past Nupraptor. It has become clear to me that I tricked myself into writing a book. Good thing I have some vacation days next month.


I was on dogwatch, so after navigating the shittiest interface known to man, I watched Aggretsuko and endured the worst subtitling job I have ever seen, since the way to turn it off was hidden. Thanks, Netflix. The actual show was pretty endearing.


I went and got my meagre childhood PS1 collection. It's in a sorry state (I was 5, ok?), but it's more about the memories. I played these so much. No idea where my copy of Crash 2 went though. Gotta find it next visit to my parents. :(


I poked around a PC builder site out of curiousity. Damn if it isn't easy to end up at $3600 when you don't know what you're doing. Gives me a solid goal to save towards until I settle on the when, what and how much at least.


My Stalker marathon continues. Clear Sky is very much the lesser game due to the recycled assets, but I liked the early game guns not being bad this time. Accidentally did a double challenge run and ended up with shit armor though.


Playing Kingdom Hearts 1 at 60 FPS is weeeeird, but makes the jumping slightly less bad. I knew the original was 30, but it didn't feel as bad as many 30 FPS 7th gen games do. Also, Proud Mode with the staff chosen is rough at the start.


I listened to some Persona 3 music last week, so now I own this. Looking at these new models not being used for a remake is gonna be rough. On the other hand...BABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABY Yeah!


Still feeling some aftershocks from Elden Ring, so I've whipped up an Arcane ninja. Bleed is fun , but all the ARC weapons are backloaded. I also got online despite not having PS+. I wonder if the backend is on fire due to the service relaunch.


I just realized that I have an Umbrella Corp umbrella. Only a matter of time until Capcom sets a Resident Evil game here in Sweden. I foresee giant tics and mutant bears intermixed with Dala horse puzzles.


Looks like Resistance: Retribution (the best Resistance game) has been rated for back compat. Been many a moon since I shot Chimera and bullied frenchmen in that game. Here's hoping Sony sets it up with some debug options so you can aim with the stick.


Got the third .hack game in the bag. It was more of the same bland mush, only they removed my primary mage, so I had to gear up another one using the game's incredibly stingy loot system. I swear they stretched one game's loot across all 4.


Updating my PS3 in 2022 is an odd feeling. These things really have been around for more than half my life by this point.


Hey, remember how I said I'd write about Legacy of Kain all year but then Elden Ring happened and I didn't publish anything for 3 months? Well I'm back strong as ever. I turned 11 minutes of footage into 2592 words of blog. That's 4 words a second. :)


It is done. The ripping and tearing has come to an end. DLC 2 was awesome, I love the hammer. They succeeded in making me master almost every tool, so I'm tempted to replay on Ultra-Violence and see if I can crush it.


Freed up just enough shelf space to fit my PSP games in my new place. Displayed like this, it really doesn't look like a lot, but I think I picked apart the library for everything cool. Since it was my first portable, I played most of these games a lot.


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