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Let's Look At The New Smash Bros. Characters- Villager is King


The only caveat with this would be its use in the art noted earlier. Either the art doesnít represent actual gameplay, or he would be able to use the net in the air. Iím leaning towards the latter, as the other characters that also use some sort of item to grab opponents can use them in the air. However, the difference between Linkís hook shot and Samusís grapple beam when compared to a butterfly net is that the former two are used as tether grabs in the air, as well as damaging attacks. This leads me to think that the butterfly net would represent one of two extremes. In Brawl, Lucasís rope snake couldnít hurt people, only act as a tether grab in the air. The Villager will have the opposite effect, being unable to recover using the net while having the ability to smack people around with it in the air.

Whew! That got longer than I expected. Until we see more from the Villager, Iím done with him for now. Iím really looking forward to giving him a spin, just from what weíve seen from him so far. Then again, I could say the same about the famous Blue Bomber as wellÖ
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