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If Music be the Food of Games, Play on.

Music is the flavor of life. It can make a good day great, make your heart race, and completely wreck you when it reminds you of something sad from your past. Everyone at some point or another has imagined their own soundtrack to life, beca...


What the #$%&? Actually GOOD phone games??

A friend and I were sitting around the other night browsing apps in the Android market on our phones when I stumbled upon a free, RPG style game with an �organized party battle system� and a �touching story on an enormous scale�. My first t...


I.. I suppose I've put this off long enough

Hey guys, I'm realizing more and more the emphasis placed on proper introductions around here. This is coming a bit late, but I hope you won't pelt me with hot dogs or anything for my ambivalent hesitation. Hi! My name's Ev, I'm a 22-year ...


Geriatric Franchise Goes Out with a Whimper (?)

**NOTE: Spoilers present � Yeah, I give it all away baby.** A friend was telling me recently how he doesn�t understand why so many franchises think they need trilogies. It�s rare that a game will have one sequel and then stop. But every on...


FREEDOM: As Developers Never Intended It

As gamers, it is practically written in our genes that we will abuse every freedom provided us by a developer (that is why we make such great open-beta testers, because we will wedge our characters� faces into the most absurd corners and sh...


Multiplayer is sexy. (Even if it's a sausage-fest).

Hey all, thought I�d blow off a little steam by being creative instead of my usual smashing up of household items with various pellet guns and fire (just found out I didn�t get a job I was really banking on), so I�d like to discuss some rea...


Enslaved: A Thorough and (Slightly) Retro Review

I�m sure many of you glossed over Ninja Theory�s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West when it came out last October. I know I passed up its release in order to save some cash, but having finally gone back and played it I�d say it�s a shame that an...


Breasts rule everything around me, BREAM.

The �Girls in Games� debate is a tired one, to be sure. In decades past we�ve seen armies of pixelated DD breasts developed, perpetuated, and fought over. Always the argument boils down to progressives calling game females hurtful stereoty...


It's a pirate's life for... Square Enix?

So a few years back I played Square Enix�s Final Fantasy XII and Level 5�s Rogue Galaxy within a few months of each other, and noted a disturbing number of similarities between the two. Most of my friends hadn�t played Level 5�s game so the...


P2 Press Start: P2? P2!!

Gamers are often associated with the stigma of being pale, anti-social creatures dwelling alone in Mountain Dew lairs on Cheeto-stained furniture. But while we may love ruining our arteries and our sleep schedules, we love it even more with...


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