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Happy late birthday Dtoid and Niero!

Here have some pictures! It�s celebration TIME

Sorry guys! I was late to the party because I felt like finishing these two beauties and watching Uzumaki with some friends, witch only makes me want too read the manga :D! The top gif can be seen without wierd stretchings here : http://yfrog.com/h8esog or here http://yfrog.com/user/Kaggejavel/photos

Not minding sounding just like a little school girl I just wanted to take a moment to tell you guys how much this site means to me, it�s even gotten to the state where I don�t know what I would do if you would cease to exist! So in this love letter of sorts I�m going to try to write down why I love this site so darn much!

I live about 8 hours away from the Dtoid hq which means that over night the site is magically updated by mutant elves resulting in a christmas morning esque feeling every morning I wake up, I mean is there anything better than a cup of coffey and watching Tara tear Max apart in the morning ? Even though it usually means me rushing of too school in a very "first episode of a anime" fashion.

Man.., I got so many great memories from this site in just a few years, I probably visit destructoid at least 10 times a day if I have access to a computer. When I first started hanging around the internet gaming sites I started at screwattack but then I got bored and started searching for new communities, after watching a Hey Ash episode with my brother both of us thought , - wait, that�s exactly our type of humor , let�s check that destructoid thing out. And thanks to an awesome community , interesting editorial and an endless supply of news both of us started hanging here , daily.

I mean whats not to love? Holmes amazingly relatable and though provoking videos truly makes me smile and proves that he really is the Peter pan of gaming journalism. Jim first gave me the impression of being a big jerk but my brother kept sending me his stuff and after reading his stuff about artsy fartsy games no needing to act so darn artsy and watching the Jimquisition�s I was sold , Jim you�re brilliant, and better with words than I probably ever will be, and whenever I hear your name for some reason I always think of Jimmy but misspelled as Bimmy like in the second Double dragon ! Chad does awesomely fun editorials and he�s has an awesome attitude that always makes me smile, also Cars the game, CARS THE GAME( ask Chad about it xD )!
Colette is cool because when she described Catherine when it still was teased, as the game she�s been longing for I can relate to her 1000% , and she was/is as Silent hill crazy as I am.

Now I realize that I wont be able to write like this about everyone so I�m going with the short ver ,
Carnage is probably the coolest duude most hillarious guy around, P.A.D is one of my favorite shows!. Pico is cute , Venom is baddas. And Niero is offcourse the King of Cosmos, without being an ass that is xD

Anyways I love destructoid and everyone who contributes and hangs around this site, I�ve meet loads of internet friends and had tons of great reads and discussions , and I secretly dream of living and working in the magical destructoid castle one day, but don�t tell anybody , it�s a secret!

Happy Bday Niero/dtoid!
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