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D-toid dreaming with "elaborate illustrations"

Have you ever had one of those dreams that you could swear was real but then you wake up and you get really disappointed because you realize that you have to do your laundry all over again. Well I had one of those dreams , except in this one I was at the dtoid hq .

Somehow I found myself at the dtoid hq poking around and laughing with the editors I look up to so much. Suddently I found myself transported to a big meeting room of sorts with a huge table in the middle which was littered with what looked like Ipads . I questioned reality for a split second but got distracted before I could think further by a commotion of sorts at the huge table in the middle of the room. I could sense that the mood in the room was tense so I gently shot out a question to the guy closest to me, that happened to be Niero. And mind that I don�t know how he looks in real life so my mind drew something that looked like an angry guy in huge turtleneck sweater. Becouse before I zoomed in on his icon I though that that was what it was , but looking it up now , I can see that it�s actually the mr.destructoid helmet with some angry eyes on it , silly me. Anywho he looked angrily at me (like on the avatar ) and said to me , that he had ordered loads of internet televisions and when we finally get them the touch function was broken. He shoves what looks like a oversized Ipad in my face and tells me , see?
I nodded slowly while trying to come up with a sensible reason why destructoid would need internet televisions but the next second I was somewhere else.

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