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Who wants a Destructoid Themed Wallpaper: For Great Justice Edition


A while back I was watching the classic All You Base video when I had a thought to do a Destructoid version. Well here is the fruit of my labour. It may look as if I shooped Mr Dtoids head onto the original's body, but under closer inspection, you'll notice I actually drew the entire thing from scratch.

I have no idea if anyone wants the thing in a wallpaper version, since's it's all vector work it wouldn't be hard to enlargen.

For those who do, as you can see there are two versions:

Type A which has the partly damaged face, similar to the guy from CATS in the original. It also has the neck in "Niero Brown" and the eyes don't have a radial colouring.

Type B has the full Mr Destructoid face, and also has the neck in "Destructoid Green" and the eyes have a radial colouring.

Anyway, if anyone does want it in a particular size, let me know the dimensions and what attributes you want, as well as what colour (or image) you want the background. Obviously the "from great Justice" bit would be replaced with nothing or a small signature.

Also Weng Weng and mobile phones making popcorn:

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