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Justice Signing Out.... & Signing/Singing Back In Again

First a Cheeburga:

Anyway, tomorrow I start University, and I'm living on campus and the internet there is limited so I don't know if Destructoid will be restricted (God forbid) but yeah if it is then I just wanna say thanks a bunch everybody and you will see your Space Cowboy soon.

Grandma kisses and hugs to you all,

PS: No long write up here, I'll do that if DToid is restricted though.

& In the style of a young teenage girl:


EDIT: The DTOID faithful have found many a way for me to remain at my virtual cave here, while I may not be on as much what with spending time with my Uni buds (My Uni's rugby team has a facebook and on it are pics of them just wearing ties over their "ding-dongs". You work it out..) I will definitely be here quicker than you can say kltpzyxm!


I'll get a myspace probs and let you gaiz know.
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