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A Week in Cologne, My Gamescom 2010 Recap (WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY)


*Ahh, back in England again.*

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that came, it was the first DtoidUK trip out of the UK and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as amazing without each one of you. Special shoutouts to n0brien's parents, since they are truly amazing, I haven't seen such hospitality since I stayed with a Japanese family over 8 years ago and of course, thanks to Destructoid (and it's community of course), since without the big robot I would never have met these awesome people that I am proud to call my friends.

Hopefully more of us will make it to Gamescom next year!

BONUS: Before you complain that I'm only in one picture (j/k) here's a pic of me at the NFS: Hot Pursuit area

Also here are a few videos:

Jake and Shakey fighting with inflatable sword/spear things:

Seto showing us his moves:

Finally, a small clip from Gamescom Festival:

Note: Some of the images are larger than needs be because the uploader refused to upload them, thus I had to take them from my Facebook.
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