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I hate posting twice in one day, feels like I`m being greedy. But did I miss the latest UFC fight? I`m a casual and don`t follow MMA too closely. I sometimes miss the good stuff. But I do enjoy a good fight. Comment or make a post if you are a fan.


I feel like there is a disconnect or schism between old school Dtoid members and the newer members. So I got a question for the old Schoolers. What game has the best porn? Ha ha. Metroid? Mass Effect? Resident Evil? Don`t say Ovewrwatch. That`s new school


We haven`t had any good shit posting in a while. Allow me to fix that. Fulgrim is a shit primarch and The Emperors Children are a shit legion. They serve no purpose and should be deleted from existence. Ultra Marines can do their job better. Ha ha.


John Wick 4 is sounding like it`s a pretty good movie. That`s good to hear. I was a little skeptical. This is the 4th movie after all, so I thought it might be getting a little stale. Seems that is not the case.


I`ve played Skyrim for well over 2,000 hours. Will Starfield be just as good? Just started a new character in Skyrim and decided to role play as Vulkan from Warhammer 40k. Maybe they should have just made Skyrim 2 instead?


What`s the status on Overwatch 2? Can`t remember the last time I heard any news about it. Is it dead? Is it the new Fortnight? I loved Overwatch 1 for the first 2 or 3 years. After that they slowly killed my interest in it.


Oh, shit. Just checked out the Steam reviews. I don`t normally give them much thought but this is pretty extreme. Don`t normally see reviews this low. Even for games that are completely broken.


Just read that GFWL got removed from Resident Evil 5 on PC. That`s a pretty big deal. I`ll definitely buy it next time it is on sale. I actually love the game. Only thing I hate is Sheva getting herself killed. Point being, I`m super happy about this.


Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, and Mortal Kombat 12? All in the same year? (Or close) Great time to be a fighting game fan. Or a great time to be someone who used to be a fan and wants to get back into them. I`m a casual. I take decade long breaks from them.


How is VR for people with shit eye sight? VR is something that I have always been interested in but feel like I might be too old for it. I require glasses when reading and sometimes have trouble judging distance. Does that mean no VR for me?


Ban me. Just get it over with. I pre-ordered the Resident Evil 4 remake and have no idea what the creator of the games political opinions are. I am assuming the worst. Don`t even care anymore. That game could be directed by Kanye West and I`d still buy it


Chael Sonnen is planning to run for governor of Oregon. Vote for him. Ha ha. I know I would if I lived there. He never lost a round and has the biggest guns in West Linn Oregon.


Watching Outlaw Star on Hulu. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Just finished episode 1 and I`m loving it so far. Exactly how I remembered it.


Here`s a fun front page article.


Does anyone else sort comments by newest? I always do. Never been a fan of popularity contests. Oldest sounds interesting. Haven`t really tried that option.


Biggest controversy of the year? Warhammer 40k Darktide on PC. One of the lowest reviewed games I`ve seen in a while. And I would have to agree with those reviews. It`s unfinished. Can`t recommend it. Feels like a Beta or Early Access game. Damn shame.


Watched the newest Hellraiser movie on Hulu. Just recently subscribed. Solid 7 out of 10. Liked a lot of the new stuff they added. Didn`t like some of it. Feel free to post spoilers in the comments.


Yo Qtoid. What`s the next game you`re super hyped about? Me? RE 4 remake, The Forest 2, and Lo Wong. Or is it Long Wo? Chinese Nioh 3? I don`t know. Either way those games will last me an entire year. What`s your next obsession?


The best Sega Genesis soundtrack: Eternal Champions. I`ve been listening to it and never really appreciated how good it is. Listen to that first track. This game is primed for a remake.


You know what would make me upgrade my recently outdated PC? Killing Floor 3. I would buy a completely new PC with an RTX 5000 GPU just for that. I would easily spend $3,000 on it. Love Killing Floor 2. Never gets old.


I wish I could get notifications when people respond to my comments. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible. Created my Dtoid account about 3 years ago and have never gotten a direct message or notification, etc. Oh well. Is the problem Disquss?


Tried to subscribe to Cruchyroll for a month to watch some anime and try something new. Sign up failed. Not sure what I did wrong. Why do they make it so complicated? Oh well. Fuck it. Plenty of other things I can do. Ha ha.


At this point I`m starting to expect Ubisoft to be bought by Microsoft or Sony. Seems like everything I hear about them is bad news. Delays, cancellations, etc. Can`t say I`m really excited about any of their upcoming games. Assassins Creed Japan maybe.


I`m sold. A.I. art is the future. I can`t wait for A.I. generated movies or t.v. shows to appear. Can`t be any worse than what we got now. Don`t believe me? Check out any "as an 80`s movie" search on Youtube. Example......


Found something fun on Youtube. Type in "as an 80`s movie" and see what shows up. Here`s Bloodborne.


I`ll take a Legacy of Kain prequel or sequel any day now. The rights to the franchise got sold right? Give me an announcement that something is in development.


If there was one single thing in this universe you would change, what would it be? Me? I`d allow for a "mixed" review on Steam. Too many times I`ve had to give a game a bad review simply because Steam has no mid, mediocre, or mixed review option.


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