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Dreaming: nom nom nom MASSIVE BRAINS!

As with the end of every expansions lifespan, boredom begins to sink in, and I decide to freeze my WoW account until the next expansion. The biggest problem with this being after about a week I want to play a new MMO. After much ...


The effects of presentation on perception.

I find myself time and time again drawing inspiration from the same places over and over again; it seems as if every one of my posts begins with a passionate gaming discussion amongst friends. I won't try to fight influence and accept the...


About JuiceMcNastyone of us since 2:57 PM on 05.03.2009

I am JuiceMcNasty or you can just call me Gio/Giovanni, yes it is true I was named after the infamous leader of Team Rocket -- well not quite, more of an awesome coincidence!

I am an avid gamer turned aspiring chef who one day hopes to make awesome video game inspired recipes for all to enjoy. Perhaps even dream big and have an awesome video game themed restaurant, never hurts to dream big!

Don't You Ever Forget That McNasty Gets Down

Feel free to add me on Steam or PSN just shoot me a message that mentions Dtoid -- I am almost never on Live anymore so Steam and PSN are the easiest ways to get in touch with me!

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