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Goodbye Dtoid

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that as of today I will no longer be a part of Destructoid. You have all been awesome, and I have really enjoyed my time working for the site. Hopefully I will be moving on to something new...


Diving into Bioshock

I know I am late to the party, but I finally started playing Bioshock. No, not Infinite, just the original. I tried playing it when it came out, but my PC couldn't handle it so I set it aside. A couple years ago, I started playing it agai...


My Steam Backlog: The C's

I am still plugging away at my list of games that I have yet to play. Join me as I sort through my Steam library and decide which games are worth finishing! Here are the the older posts: The A's, The B's Now let's get on with the C's! C...


Steam Backlog: The B's

I'm taking inventory of my Steam account to decide which games I should be finishing. You can read the first post here http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Joshua+Derocher/my-steam-backlog-the-a-s-219834.phtml Let's get on with the B's! Bat...


My side project: Video Game Wallpapers

I like taking screenshots from video games, and I decided to start a blog for some of the better ones that I take. Here is the link http://vgwallpapers.tumblr.com/ I like games that I can mod and turn off the UI. I don't photoshop any of...


My Steam Backlog: The A's

Jordan's post on the front page this week showed off how easy it is to buy games that we may never finish. I've been using Steam for 3 years now, and over that course of time I have collected a ton of cheap games. Sometimes it's something...


Plan B Episode 26

Hey, so I co-host and produce this podcast called Plan B. It's a non-topical, ramble-fest, that is almost always off-topic. We don't plan ahead, and we don't edit anything out of the show. We just sit down and talk about video games. If yo...


RPGs: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I love RPGs. If there could only be one genre of games in the entire universe I would pick RPGs. I remember playing my first RPG on the Commodore 64. It was called Mars Saga, and at the time it seemed awesome, but it's probably an awful ga...


Oblivion with 130+ mods

I have mods that alter the speed of time, disables fast travel, adds the need to eat, drink and sleep, changes arrow speed, changes the physics, changes the way armor looks, adds companions, adds more NPCs, and tons of other crazy and cool ...


Find me online! (samples of my Twitter)

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me @TheBedivere If any of this is at all amusing to you, I keep this up all the time. This is just a few highlights from the past couple of weeks: OH GOD YOU CAN MOD BALDUR"S GATE!!!!!!!!!...


Hello! Let me introduce myself...

I am a PC gamer. I don't play games on a console, and I couldn't play a shooter with a controller if my life depended on it. I have been into PC gaming since 2003, so I have had a lot of catching up to do with all kinds of great classics li...


About Joshua Derocherone of us since 10:05 PM on 06.30.2010

Josh is a PC gamer. He can usually be found flying around in EVE Online. He's been known to enjoy playing role-playing games like Dragon Age: Origins, Skyrim, and Planescape Torment.

Follow Josh on social networks, if you want.

He started out gaming on an old school Atari and a Commodore 64. Defender of the Crown was the shit back in those days. He would also play things like M.U.L.E, Carmen Sandiego, Summer Games, and Mars Saga.

Once he had his first Amiga, his fate was set to become a gamer. He mostly played point-and-click adventures from Sierra and Lucas Arts, but his other favorites were Empire, Lemmings, Future Wars, Buck Rodgers, and Battletech.

These days he also enjoys The Witcher 2, Mount & Blade, Titan Quest, Europa Universalis, FTL, Dungeons of Dredmoore, and LOTRO. He likes playing older games, because they are classics for a reason. He doesn't hop onto the latest thing just because the cool kids are playing it, and he believes that 90% of what's released these days is absolute crap.

Right now his home is right here on Destructoid. He has also done some writing for Front Towards Gamer and BitMob.

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