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poD20 #2 - Rise of the Planet of the Lates

poD20 #2 Rise of the Planet of the Lates Have a listen! Give feedback, troll, tell your friends. On the next episode of poD20, our party... ...welcomes a new member, continues to pray for emails, discusses the civil rights allegories pr...


The Wrong Thing: You Know You Want It

I'm going to do you a favor and make my point up front. In which case, you have none to blame but yourself should you have taken time away from video games to read on. The question of evil in video games is of no consequence. It's the issue...


Xbox 360 Bans: Microsoft Thanks You for Piracy

Today I will be using generalizations, making wild assumptions, and backing these with other baseless facts and opinions from sources that I may have imagined. If you've got your tin-foil hat close by, please feel free to follow along. It...


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A long time gamer and fan of multiple genres, my interests lie with most everything the community has to share. Provided it doesn't involve furries.
Aside from being a father full time I somehow find room to keep current on fantasy/sci-fi authors releases as well as comics.
I am a sporadic D&D player (4th edition ignored) with a great love for tabletop and board games as well.

As of recently I'm also a regular part of the poD20 podcast along with a few other Dtoiders. You can check it out at poD20