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I've been dabbling at night


Hi y'all,

Here is something I dabbled at night.

It's only available here for like another day or something so watch out. 

I also made this minataur suit. Pretty wild. The horns are secretly detachable nunchucks. 

Then I got this giant Smash Bros poster. It's bigger than my body. 

I also drew this for the GhM Zine, wjhich recently went to print. Is it any good? I don't know what to think anymore. Juliet's head feels wrong when I look at it from ten feet away but maybe it's all in my "head" hahaha. 


Here's an earlier draft with a different face on Juliet. It's less expressive but I think the proprtions and placement might be better?

And I started writing a book about why people who love games hate each other so much. I think it all started in 1986. That was the year that the first Legend of Zelda came out. It's was also the year that Quintin Tarantino got his first job in Hollywood, working on a Dolph Lungren movie, and the year that the first Studio Ghibli movie came out. 

When you boild down the "culture war" in gaming, I think it boils down to a Ghibli Vs. Tarantino fight. Sure, you can like both. I sure do. But in the end, you are either more of a Tarantino person or a Ghibli person, and most feel like they need to pick a side at one point or another. 

Of course, I hope we can all eventually be friends, but the only way to squash a beef is to get to the bottom of what the beef is all about. Like a great man once said "Used to be friends, now we're foes. Reason why, man, no one knows."

Well I think I knows. Would you want to read a book about that? I could probably write it in like six months if I keep dablling at night, and it really helps me to keep my dabbler going if I know people want to see my fruits. 

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