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RWBY Episode Four Review: Wonderful Wizard of Washington


I'm back for another round of review and diminishing viewership.

So the fourth episode is out and it seems my�habit of finding more characters to latch onto in the supporting cast continues.

Also after looking at number one through three again it does still feel like they should have been compiled into a single episode but this new one does feel like a beginning. Though I have a hunch I might be feeling that it should have been combined with five and six if the trend continues.

Anyways the big issue of this part is the upcoming formation of teams. Something that kind of has no weight since we can tell who is going to work with whom by watching the opening and the very title of the show but there is hoping the character interaction can help with that.

So today I think I'll break it up by starting with the main characters first, then the new side characters, and finally catch up with Jaune and Oz.

Ok we don't really see Blake this episode but there is some set up for the other three leads. For Ruby and Sir it is mainly that there is sisterly tension. Mostly in that Ruby wants to work with Sir but she seems to not want her little sister around and that's is about it for they really don't do much the rest of the episode. Our friend Chazz on the other hand fills me with dread again by having some "inner Sakura"�like�monologue�going on when she talks about her wanting to team up with Caroli... I mean new character Pyrrha.

�Oh though as a side note I'm lucky the names are written somewhere for the spelling can be a bit obtuse at times.

She wants to do this because either she just likes being super popular or she got a thing for the girl. I kind of would like the second one to for extra character depth and something for me to comment on. Though I dislike what it made me think of, Chazz being one of the main characters makes me think it will avoid Naruto's brand of bullshit in having the female leads be useless. Still I'm going to be not exactly rooting for this becoming a thing.

Now with the new characters. If you've seen the opening to any episode you should know what they look like.

First there are Lie and Nora. From what I was able to pick up they aren't an item and Lie looks like he has had a hard life with such a Hyperactive Ear Lashing Lady for a childhood friend.

Then there is the previously mentioned Pyrrha who as the earlier joke should hint at is voiced by Jen Brown. I actually like Pyrrha she is shown as the ace at physical skill, she gets on cereal boxes, but is humble and nice. A bit of pushed over by Chazz but not in a horrible way. Her weapon also seems to be a spear she can call back with magnetism which is cool. Even odder is she seems to have an interest in Jaune which is interesting. Actually now that I think about it here character actually does seem like a nice version of Carolina. I hope to see more of this one.

Then comes in my new main man Jaune being as awkward as ever. This time he tries to hit on Chazz and Pyrrha with some funny results actually. I think I like this for it shows him trying to be cool and suave instead of just shrinking to the background. That and I might like seeing Chazz get annoyed.

Also: I'm totally not implanting the suggestion of a love triangle with Pyrrha stuck between Chazz and Jaune or anything like that. I would never abuse my knowledge of how fanbases work to manipulate you guys.

Then there is�that Wonderful Wizard of Washington once again�making himself one of my favorite characters in this episode. Mainly by his first test for the students being as follows. He is going to launch them off a cliff and then they have to survive a monster infested forest working with however they run into first. It really is great to see him describe it like it just a regular multiple choice test and he gets a good scene playing off a nervous Jaune who keeps trying to ask questions about the launching off of a cliff part.

So overall this episode is an improvement I feel on what came before and at least tells me there will be a good supporting cast if the main characters don't live up to expectations.

List of Nicknames so far:

Yang= Sir
Weiss Schnee= Chazz
Jaune= [s]DLI #3856 [/s]
Glynda Goodwitch: McWitchanimetits
Oz: Wonderful Wizard of Washington
Nora: Hyperactive Ear Lashing Lady
Extras: Anti Spiral Clone Army (ASCA)
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