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The Great Escape: Ready to Friday

If there�s one thing most of us here on Destructoid have in common, its that we�ve all grown up playing video games. That means most of remember running home when we were eight years old on a Friday afternoon, our heads brimming with the...


How Do We Actually Define a Game as Art?

In a conversation with my best friend the other day, we somehow briefly touched on the subject on art games. In doing so, we both obvious believed that the classic Shadow of the Colossus is indeed a work of art, but in saying that she also...


Mini-Blog: Mother 3 Nightmares

Call me crazy for posting this, but you guys are the only people who know where I'm coming from. Last night, I had alot of trouble sleeping. So once I actually got to sleep, I had some crazy-ass nightmares. Halfway through the night, I g...


My First Day As Mr. Destructoid

So today was the day of the small Halloween party at school. As such, this was my first opportunity to wear my homemade Mr. Destructoid helmet. It goes without saying, I wore it almost the entire day. Me and my rather candid friend too...



Captain Lou Albano, the famous wrestler most famous among gamers as portraying Mario in the Super Mario Bros Super Show died yesterday at the age of 76. I was already having a lousy day, and this was the last thing I needed to hear. I thi...


New Club Nintendo Reward!

Some of you may remember my update from the other day that the rare Game & Watch Collection on the DS had been pulled from the Club Nintendo page. Well, they put it back up, but now it's labeled as "SOLD OUT." Does that mean they might re...


What I Learned From Ikaruga ~ A Speech

Sometime over the summer, I had the opportunity to attend a nationwide program called Boys State. There's one program per state for a handful of states, and for those of you who aren't aware of what it is, basically it's alot like a mock...


A Rare DS Game Just Got Rarer

Do any of you guys remember that Club Nintendo exclusive Game & Watch Collection for the DS? The one that you had to buy $800 worth of games just to acquire? (1 point = about $1) Well, if you were holding out or saving up just to afford i...


The Forgotten: Demo Discs

Ah, the internet. You're so wonderful, especially to us gamers. It's just a shame that to get you we had to give up so many of the things we so do love; gaming magazines, no true sense of animosity, that great feeling of playing on a couc...


So I Played Mario Kart Wii Again...

I played it again for the first time in a little over a year when it first came out, and honestly... it's not all that bad. I think there were a lot of complaints after it was in the shadows of both Brawl and the classic Mario Kart DS. An...


Saved By the Bell + Phoenix Wright = ???

Now, I'm going to keep this blog short as I don't have much information in the A/V department to present this with (as soon as I can, I will), but I just saw a coincidence that's much too good to be true. I was watching Saved by the Bell...


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Hello! I am J. C. T. Holmes, aka Sonic9jct (the jct is pronounced "jay-see-tee"). I am a retro gamer. I'm slowly growing my game library which has very recently capped 175 games! Woohoo! I aspire to become a game developer and I really like animation and comic strips. Also, I'm not very sure what I should be writing in a profile thing, so here's some random facts.

My Favorite Games

Sonic the Hedgheog 2
Rocket Knight Adventures
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Beyond Good & Evil
We <3 Katamari
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